You’ll learn two important tips for digital marketing in 2022. If you want to earn more in 2022, focus on these two trends.

Influencers to the top

The trend we talk about influencers, nothing new but in increasing use. Influencers are being used more and more in activation campaigns, in new social platforms such as Twitch or it can be TikTok, where it is also increasingly supporting this type of marketing, something that I like a lot and that I had many years saying of the importance of this, of the generation of more lasting relationships with brands and influences, that is, not so much specific campaigns today do this and that’s it, but work something more lasting.

As mentioned above, Twitch is definitely the heart of the influencer/branded marketing. If you want to learn how to get viewers on Twitch to get better brand deals then follow simple rules. Choose a game that is very popular, go for the particular fan-base, start streaming very consistently and stay active with the followers.

That’s where for me it really is where the best profitability is with the influencers, and when we have done long-lasting campaigns we have seen how the returns on investment improve enormously, in the end aligning a brand to an influential figure and doing action planning.

Imagine over the next six or twelve months, that is what allows you as a brand to be able to better impact that audience you want to reach, the one that the influencer has, because in the end with a specific action we are very limited.

Because being a one-off action, you will not reach all of your followers, because the organic reach, the algorithms will limit it, so on the average as possible I would recommend working more long-term strategies with influencers.

Native advertising is staying strong

We can say that native advertising is that advertising that is integrated in some natural way in the design of a platform or a context. Let’s think about Facebook, why does advertising on Facebook or Instagram work so well, because it is native, because as you can see that advertising seems like a normal update, that is, it does not have a specific advertising format, it is not like when you enter a website and see a banner there that you know does not fit, that is, you can see that it is advertising, and in the end on Instagram and Facebook you do not perceive it as advertising because it is content that is fully integrated.

Therefore, more and more this native advertising, native programmatic advertising, is going to gain weight, because it is proven, the numbers say, that it is a type of advertising that gives much better results, also using native video. Video is one of the formats that continues to grow year after year, we keep saying this, but it is a format that continues to grow enormously.

Mobile advertising is also gaining traction. In itself, mobile is not a trend but it is, for example, 5G networks where in the USA and EU they are already practically implemented, they are deployed, it will allow to greatly increase the speed, the capture of new data, do new things, new strategies in real time that with other technology like 3G or 4G it was not possible.


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