Is it Illegal To Wear A Confederate Flag In School?

There are lots of citizens out there whose heart leaps for joy at the sight of a confederate flag while a handful of others find it disturbing.

A couple of students have often raised concerns over their alleged discrimination when flying a confederate flag in school.

The question now is, can a school ban the wearing of the Confederate flag?

The ultimate answer is Yes. A school likely can ban students from wearing or displaying the Confederate flag.

We as a whole realize that the confederate banner is an image of servitude and racial domination to numerous however a question of states’ freedoms and Southern legacy for other people.

There are students who, out of camaraderie, have the Confederate flag on their trucks, belt buckles, and even their shirts. These are not allowed in most schools and the students are usually asked to get rid of the flag.

If you have any thought of contempt towards any school that doesn’t allow confederate flags you should also take into consideration the feelings of other students.

Understand that the Confederate flag has become a tag-point that’s linked to diverse uproar and racial discrimination.

Many school administrators wouldn’t want the disturbing history of the confederate flag (some consider it more than just offensive) to interfere with the learning process of other students in the school. 

Certainly, other students in question may feel threatened and intimidated at the sight of the flag because of its offensive past.

They wouldn’t feel secure in the school’s environment and the effect is that they get distracted from their studies.

However, if you’re a student-agitator whose sole purpose of carrying the flag is to honor the Confederate heritage, you can check out UltimateFlags to know more about the history of the Confederate flag.

Regardless, note that your school may not be confederate flag friendly and you can be disciplined for carrying a confederate flag.

Schools have the absolute authority to censor any activity or object that possibly could disrupt a student’s ability to learn.

There are instances of understudies who felt dangerous and occupied from their learning climate with the presence of confederate banners in any event, when the school had no set of experiences of racial-propelled battling.

So, a school could likely ban the Confederate flag due to its tense history. Curious what the flag stands for? Follow me to the next section.

What Does The Confederate Flag Stand For?

The confederacy in the US finally ended after the American Civil War, after four (4) years of lack of official recognition.

Successive events and activities after the Confederacy’s defeat contributed to the dreadful history of confederate flags.

So what does the confederate flag stand for to most people in the populace?

The display of flags associated with the Confederacy, especially the Confederate battle flag, is controversial.

The confederate flag is commonly associated with racism, slavery, segregation, white supremacy, Neo-Nazism, racially motivated violence, treason, pride in Southern heritage, defense of states’ rights, the historical commemoration of the Alliance, glorification of the Civil War, and adherence to the pseudohistorical philosophy of the Lost Cause.

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