What is your least favorite hairstyle?

I don’t know about you, but I love my hair. I love it so much that I’m always changing it to try out new looks and new hairstyles, even if it means I have to say goodbye to some old favorites in the process. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the hairstyles that I personally can’t stand! If you have any ideas of your own, be sure to let us know by commenting below! Also, check out our other articles below to see some of our favorite hairstyles right now!

Straight Hair

It might seem like straight hair comes naturally, but it takes a lot of effort to keep it looking good. As a busy man on-the-go I don’t have time to blow dry my hair everyday and apply leave in conditioner just to keep my straight bangs from falling into my eyes. Unfortunately I need a style that has more versatility than what you can get with straight hair.

Curly Hair

My least favorite hair style would have to be curly hair. It doesn’t look good on anyone and it just appears messy no matter how perfect it looks when it’s done in a salon. The best way to get rid of curly hair is by getting a haircut that won’t showcase curls as much such as getting bangs, having shorter hair or simply cutting off all your curls.

Afro Hairstyles

When it comes to hairdos, Afros are always an interesting topic. Do you love or hate it? It’s no wonder that there are so many other varieties of hair in a big family like Afro. However, do you know about eren yeager hairstyle? Have you ever heard about some of these well-known names such as puff, mohawk and flat top? If not, here are six different options for short hair which surely can inspire your next haircut!

Short Hair

Eren Yeager’s hair. Don’t get me wrong, I think it looks fantastic on him, but it’s not exactly my style. Too short for my taste. It’s just not how I would like to wear my hair in real life. But hey, who am I to judge? Everyone has their own different styles and tastes! 🙂

Medium Length Hair

When it comes to anime, most of us are familiar with ouji fashion; otherwise known as prince or princess hair. Sure, there’s plenty of time to grow out your hair and sport an illustrious mane but shortening one’s locks might be all you need to radiate a bit of eren yeager into your everyday life.

Long Hair

I can’t say that I have a least favorite hair style because I’m not a big fan of any hairstyles. In fact, I don’t think most human beings on earth look good with long hair. Even guys. Long-haired men are always feminine in appearance. And then, of course, we get to my nemesis: sideburns. Sideburns remind me of AIDS and drunk uncles at Thanksgiving dinner – both equally unattractive attributes in anyone’s eyes!

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