Where To Find The Best Ahumado In Mexico


Although there are many delicious things to find in Mexico, the most well-known food there would be the ahumado. Made from spicy chilis that are smoked over various woods, this food is extremely popular in Mexico and beyond its borders because of how unique it tastes. Fortunately, you can find ahumado in many countries around the world, but where should you go to get the best ones? This article will let you know exactly where to find some of the best ahumado in Mexico and beyond!

5 Regions in Mexico to Try Out the Best Ahumados

You don’t need to travel far from home to find a delightful ahumado in Mexico. There are five regions around our country that produce their own unique flavor of smoked pork and you can enjoy them all in one trip. Don’t know where to start? Here are some places that have made us ahíosos (proud). Ahío en Sinaloa: If you head over to Sinaloa, which is located on Mexico’s northwest coast, then you must try its famous carnitas tacos. These meaty treats come with pieces of crispy pork skin on top and have been grilling up since 18th century miners started digging for gold there.


A favorite in Mexican cuisine, juana ahumada is served in spicy dishes with such meats as chicken, pork or beef. Many of these dishes are fiery but are made milder with other herbs and spices. Most restaurants carry juana ahumada but it can also be found at specialty shops throughout Oaxaca. Visit Queso Artesanal La Ceiba for a taste of everything from hotdogs to chorizo sausages cooked over an open fire pit.


If you’re looking for one of these scrumptious cured pork products, look no further than Yucatan. The southernmost Mexican state has been widely praised for its variety of delicious sausages. How can you tell a good one from a bad one? Well, when it comes to ahumados , there are two main varieties: red and white. Red is spicier and saltier while white is milder and sweeter. Either way, we guarantee that once you take your first bite of an ahumado , you won’t be able to stop eating them!

Baja California Sur

Any place in Baja California Sur is worth visiting, and juana ahumada is no exception. Whether you’re heading to La Paz or Todos Santos for their world-class cuisine, or exploring its rich underwater reefs and colorful marine life, there are several venues that offer both juana ahumada and an unforgettable dining experience.


For those of you traveling to Mazatlan, Sinaloa is just a hop away, and well worth it. Just south of Culiacan, most people think that Culiacan has all there is to find when it comes to eating juana—but there’s more. You can get some excellent ahumado in Sinaloa as well—in fact, many say that it’s not even a contest—Sinaloa is where you want to head for your ahumado fix.


An essential stop along any tour of Mexico is Guadalajara. It’s full of culture, history and one of my favorite things to eat – ahumado. Originally created by indigenous people in Jalisco, meat is marinated in an achiote sauce before being wrapped tightly in banana leaves.

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