What is a Google Verification Code & How to avoid Scam?

Scammers and hackers have become very common these days as the use of online methods are increasing day by day. There are different illegal practices and activities that are done by hackers and scammers with the use of the internet and one of the most common scams that happen on the net is the Google verification code scam. It is very important that you keep aware of all the scams that are happening on the internet and this is why you should know all about the Google Verification code scam. When this guide will come to an end, you will be more educated on the Google verification code scam.

What is a Google Verification code Scam?

So, I am sure that this question would have struck your mind what is the Google verification code scam and how does this work. So before we tell you about the scam, it is important to know about the feature and what is a Google verification code.

This feature is use in Google voice which is a subversion of Google where you can make calls and send text messages to your contacts on Google. You can use Google voice to even make international calls and forward the calls to other contacts. All these different features make Google voice a very likable application. Now, the code that is require here is use to ensure the identity of a person. Hackers hack your Google voice account and if they get hold of the six-digit code sent by Google to verify your identity then, they will get complete control of your account. The scammers and hackers use other people’s accounts to take part in illegal fraudulent activities so that they cannot be trace. 

You may think that they cannot get your account so easily but all they need is a code and many people often share their codes without thinking too much which makes this process all the easier. 

How can you avoid the Google Verification Code scams?

It is very important to know how you can prevent the Google verification code scam and how you can save your account from these hackers and scammers. The following pointers that we are giving here are very important regarding the Google verification code scam.

  1. The first thing you need to note is that you should not share the Google verification code with anyone in any case. If the hackers will not get your code, they will not be able to access your account and its information.
  2. If you are someone who is using the online Google online account for selling different things then, you need to be very attentive and be aware of fake accounts that are trying to fool you.
  3. You should be very careful when selling products and take your time to verify the buyer and their legitimacy.
  4. You should also not sage any personal information like the security code google with anyone.

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