How Do I Fix Avast Won’t Open on Windows ?

Avast is a very good antivirus program that usually faces no issues but sometimes you may see some issues and problems with Avast that will trouble you and this is why in this guide, we are going to highlight one such issue that the users of Avast may find when they are using it. 

If you see that Avast premier firewall won’t turn on your Windows 10 then, this guide might be good for you as we age, going to tell you some solutions that will help you to resolve this problem.

What happens in this case?

When you see that there is no error message on the screen but still if your Antivirus program is not opening up then, you can use the solutions and the methods that we are giving in this guide. 

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Solutions to Fix Avast won’t open issue

There are several methods that you can try when you think that my avast won’t open. So, read all the methods that we are giving you correctly and then choose the one which suits you the best.

Solution 1: Disable Windows’s Real-Time Protection

Two antivirus programs on one computer can be threats to each other and this is why you should only work with one at a time. If your Avast antivirus program does not open you can try to disable the real-time protection software of windows that is inbuilt into your computer. You will find this program in the Windows Security Panel that is present in the taskbar. If the program opens after the Windows protection is disabled then, this was the reason behind your problem.

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Solution 2: Repair Avast 

If Avast won’t open windows 10 then, you can try to repair the firewall system as the repair of Avast solves many problems. You can very easily repair Avast from the Settings of your computer and then repair the app from the Troubleshooting section. This will start the auto-repair and any issues that there might be with Avast will be fixed by them.

Solution 3: Perform a Full Avast reinstall 

Another method that you can try when Avast premier won’t open is to delete the program from your computer and then reinstall it completely. This will ensure that you get the updated version of the app which is free of any glitches and which is compatible well with the Windows operating system.

Hope you have understood the solutions given by us and will use them to resolve your issue.

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