Common Mistakes While Rebranding

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is the process of changing the business image of an organization. This is usually done by packaging design company for established brands by changing the company or product name, logo, tag line, or complete composition. Now, because the American Marketing Association defines a product as “a name, a name, a design, a brand, or other factor that identifies one seller’s goods or service as different from other vendors.” Thus, a symbol is more than its visual elements or the sum of its features. A brand is ultimately the opinion that consumers have of a company or product.

For example, suppose someone drives a Mercedes or wears a Burberry coat because of the respect and specialty he or she feels for ownership. Now, if any company could create low quality products that make the product easily accessible to everyone, it could change consumers’ perception of the product. Suddenly, the reputation and specialty of owning a product is gone for many people unless the company constantly changes its logo, name, etc.

Why Do Companies Renew?

Rebranding may occur for a number of reasons. Typically, a company performs active braking or repairs. Effective renaming is done when a company sees an opportunity to grow, innovate, reconnect with customers, create a new space, or enter new businesses or customers. On the other hand, active renaming is done in the event that the existing type is disconnected or changed; this may be due to mergers and acquisitions, legal issues (financial or fraud), or negative publicity.

Rebranding – mistakes you should avoid

When planning a word replacement it is usually easy to consider what you should avoid and do the best

Don’t Just Change Your Logo

With redesign, it often appears larger. So when disclosure is nothing more than a change of logo, without the thought behind you that will make sense to consumers, they may be offended. As noted earlier, Pepsi’s re-production involves only the modification of the logo, with the collective meaning that it plays “The Golden Ratio … which plays a vital role in one’s perception of beauty.” Similarly, when the SciFi Channel of cable TV changed its name to SyFy, the implication was that it gave them great power to present non-100% non-science fiction programs, such as fiction and adventure movies – two genres of movies already on display. at the station.

Have a Reason for Rebranding

You should have a clear reason for renaming, not just looking for a “new look.” For example, you may want to rename because your product is outdated or annoying (imagine Cleveland Indians becoming Cleveland Guards, or Aunt Jemima becoming Pearl Milling Company). Other good reasons for renaming include when you target a new audience, move to a new location, your company values   have changed, you have received negative pressures, or you have merged or acquired another company.

Misunderstanding your intended audience.

Marking is your way of communicating with your audience. Our previous branding and redesign blogs have repeatedly talked about how the process should start and end with a user response. Yes, before designing, you do market research, and you book by testing and feedback.

And this also applies to rewriting. Your customers know about a particular logo, product color theme, and name. To change it means to undermine that emotional bond you have. So unless you are fully aware that your target audience needs one, do not continue to rename.

From the personality of your product

As you are thinking of redesigning a brand, must go for packaging design company and let’s start by assuming you have existing brand ownership in place. Of course, this product placement is based on your research into who you are as a company and what you want to talk about with your audience. The quality of your product is very important in this regard.

For better or worse (hopefully better), sell your audience this product personality. And they love you for it. So when you redo it, your structure and language can’t deviate too much from it. If your audience is attracted to your bold, cheerful sign, they will expect the same after the redevelopment without changing your personality. If so, you need a solid product story and thought.

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