For a company, the Brand is the fundamental element to achieve success; in fact, the choice of the name must be well elaborated in order to obtain optimal results. In the article you will be given some tips to be able to choose your Brand name and therefore the domain name.

The rule of CO.ME. OR. GO for the domain name

Being creative and following the rules are conflicting elements, but this is not always the case.A good naming is in fact made up of particular characteristics and this rule will help you to remember them: CO.ME. OR. GO

This rule contains the main information for creating a good brand name:

  • CO : stands for short. In fact, a Brand is never particularly long, or at least if it is, it must be memorable;
  • ME : stands for memorable. A brand that works is easily recognized among many others;
  • OR : stands for original. The naming must be unique, therefore different from that of the competitors;
  • G : stands for pleasant. A good naming conveys positivity;
  • O : stands for catchy. The sound of the name must be pleasant and therefore “sound good”.

Your brand name (or domain name) has passed the CO.ME. OR. GO? Well, now do a further check and make sure it also reflects these characteristics.

A good naming, in fact, must also be:

  1. Full of vitality . It must not be tiring, banal or obvious
  2. Relevant but unexpected . It must be in focus with respect to the company’s core business, but at the same time it must also be unexpected.
  3. Durable . Before giving the placet on a naming, ask yourself: “Could I get tired of it in 10 years?”. A good brand name lasts over time, resists fashion, does not tire.
  4. Serious. Serious, but not too serious.
  5. Unambiguous. Have you come up with a naming thinking it is a fictional word? Check with Google Translate that it really is and that it doesn’t mean something else.

The choice of extensions

Ok, you have found the right brand name for you. Now is the time to buy the domain: .it or .com? Compared to a few years ago, choosing one extension over another can make the difference.

Extensions . it and .com are the best known , but there are many others that could be right for you for two reasons:

  1. The “new” extensions make the domain name even more focused on your business.
  2. If you have found a brand name with a classic extension already occupied, check on the trademark register site that there are no identical names in your sector, you can avoid giving up and opting for a new extension.

Do you have a company and want to launch an e-commerce spin-off? The .shop extension is for you. Or, have you opened a yoga gym? We challenge you to find better extension than .yoga.

Finally, we also remind you that the .cluod extension is projected towards the future, and perfect for those who work in the technological field.

We hope to have given you some good suggestions on how to choose the domain name for your company. And remember: Naming is the cornerstone of your image, don’t stop at the first idea!


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