Having a website today is very important: it is the place where we represent who we are and what we do, and that is why it is essential to know how to attract the right traffic.

In the age of digital, new technologies and Web 2.0, having a website is different than in the past . Before 2004, the year in which Web 2.0 was born, the site played the role of a shop window overlooking a high-speed road. It is difficult to bring people to that shop, if not using specific technical and strategic methodologies.

Attract interested people to the website

Web 2.0 becomes a useful way to attract really interested users to the website, because it offers adequate tools based on building a more direct relationship with the user . With this in mind, that shop has moved to a very busy square, but this time it is pedestrianized. A step forward, don’t you think? However, the problem remains of being able to attract them.

Increase site traffic

The problem of traffic to the website is a current problem, especially in the era of Social Media: it is these tools that, if used correctly, prove to be formidable to attract users to the website. Let’s begin to understand how to attract traffic to the website by managing to hook the right target, that is, all those people potentially interested in the content.

Building a relationship with visitors

It is useful to know that web 2.0 introduces the element of direct relationship with the user. This relationship develops through the creation of content, a truly formidable way to be able to attract interested users. The next step is to optimize the content for the search engine. In this case, it is necessary to optimize the website for SEO ( Search Engine Optimazation ), following some simple rules, knowing that “you write for humans and not for machines” as Google recalls.

The use of social media for the website

Content becomes a tool for building relationships, and to build relationships we now need Social Media. First of all, we build our “digital image”, choosing the platforms that are closest to our way of communicating. In this way we will identify those channels that will allow us to catch the attention of a more interested audience, allowing us to hit our target. The fundamental objective is to attract them to our website. Among these platforms it is unlikely that Facebook will be missing, which due to the high number of users and the great diffusion and opportunities it offers, is now a fundamental platform. It is also one of the main referrals used by users to access websites of interest.

We think “mobile”

To reach potentially interested users, it is necessary to equip the website with a version that is adaptable to mobile devices. In this case we speak of the “responsive” version. In some cases, it is also useful to develop a specific application to make even more direct contact for iOS and Android.

Email marketing to drive traffic

In this context, although by some it is considered outdated, an email marketing strategy cannot be missing. It is true that users are increasingly involved on social media and that they access websites more and more from mobile devices, but it is equally true that even today the email has an important value sign in mcdonald’s wifi , because with email marketing platforms you have the possibility to better engage interested users, managing to discover a series of useful information.

These are just some tips that can be useful for understanding how to attract traffic to the website by managing to hook potentially interested users. However, there remains the golden rule to follow, namely that of creating quality content, a real tool for building relationships with users.

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