Digital marketing is changing and evolving at a very rapid speed, and it is therefore not surprising to discover that what can be considered as news today, will already be considered obsolete in the next few months.

However, there are at least four trends that industry experts are keeping an eye on , because they believe they will prove to be focal in the near future . Obviously, the new trends are based on the metamorphosis of the sector that we are already witnessing – think for example of the backlash that, at the strategic and operational marketing level, has followed the latest changes in the Facebook algorithm – and they seem to foresee the next evolutions. .

So let’s find out together the news to pay close attention to.

  1. Augmented reality: augmented reality, or virtual reality, is currently considered the most transformative technological advancement of our generation. But how will it impact digital marketing activities? We consider that social platforms have already begun to adopt VR / AR within their algorithms, that Facebook and Google Cardboard already currently offer a 360 ° video publishing system and that Snapchat allows users to virtually project themselves into the real world by taking the shape of an animated 3D bitmoji. From these assumptions it is easy to understand that VR / AR technology will be constantly evolving in the near future, so much so that giants such as IKEA and McDonald’s are already reserving ample resources for the project (the first with a virtual shopping app that allows the preview of the furnishings inside the house of the future buyer;
  2. Voice search : it is destined to change the SEO industry forever. The future foresees that multiple Alexa are present in our homes, that they order a pizza for us in complete autonomy, identifying by themselves the best and closest pizzeria, and that in fact they replace us in countless actions thanks to their role as virtual assistants. In practice, this means that digital marketing experts will have to learn to create strategies that are attractive not only to human users but also to machines, and specifically for devices that have the ability to carry out searches for us. . The latter will take place through storage and an analysis of our habits, preferences and previous searches.
  3. Mobile first : the future will see the development of digital solutions designed first of all for mobile devices, and only subsequently for classic computers. This trend is based on the fact that the use of smartphones and tablets continues to increase, and that therefore it will be essential to create strategies for optimizing the user experience on these devices. This is a trend that has already been perceived since 2013 and which continues to reconfirm itself, year after year.
  4. Video content: that videos represent the trend that all brands will have to focus on, has already been known for some time. However, as this trend spreads, it will become increasingly important not only to produce videos tout court, but rather to produce videos that can capture the viewer’s attention. Already, social media users enjoy fewer images than in the past, preferring instead to immerse themselves completely in the video playlists. Therefore, when creating content for social media, it is very important to incorporate videos into strategic plans. It should in fact be remembered that every day YouTube records a total of one billion hours of views, while Facebook is already at 100 million. Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are all achieving equally noteworthy results. So here is that, in the face of a trend that shows no signs of abating, it is important to focus not so much on the quantity of videos as on their quality: the contents must create engagement, loyalty, delight. Facebook Live is currently one of the most used tools to generate interest in users.

Once you have clarified which trends you need to pay close attention to , it is however essential to conclude by reiterating that no trend will ever be able to beat the creativity of professionals. Even in a phase of complete market saturation , a good idea will allow a brand to stand out and get noticed in the crowd . Therefore, have the utmost confidence in your uniqueness and creativity in the way you express your messages , and work your best to capture the attention of the audience by differentiating yourself from your competitors.

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