What are the main mistakes that are made in the marketing field and that risk affecting the results of a project that, otherwise managed, could turn out to be a successful case history?

Notwithstanding the fact that there are certainly no abracadabras to make every marketing activity go well, what is equally certain is that there is a list of activities that it is absolutely necessary to carry out to guarantee a wider margin of success. Committing these gross errors does not actually allow us to seize interesting strategic and factual opportunities that could make a difference.

Here are the five most common marketing mistakes still today.

  1. No market research in the preliminary phase : this type of activity is absolutely fundamental in the strategic phase and in every phase of the life of any brand or product. Not only does it allow to identify and therefore avoid potential critical issues, but also to anticipate the project results or the actions of competitors. Market research aims to clarify the ideas on the brand, product or service that we will have to promote; fully understand the target audience and their expectations; understand how to intercept and seduce him and finally test our marketing strategy before actually implementing it.
  2. No strategy : how is it possible to carry out a marketing project without a strategy? It sounds like a rhetorical question, yet the absence of an action plan is still one of the most common mistakes made. A correct marketing strategy, not only digital but also traditional, not only supports a more global action plan, but focuses attention on what is really important, selects the most correct figures to carry out the project, streamlines the work and defines the success of the actions.
  3. No omnichannel brand plan : how can you think of doing your best if you don’t have a clear idea about the unique and unique DNA of the brand we have to propose? This clear identity must necessarily be expressed in a coherent way in all activities, and not only in our project – which is to be considered part of a complex and varied whole. We always remember that the actors in the Communication and Advertising sector are many, and that they operate in an infinite number of digital and traditional channels through an industrial quantity of activities. Whatever the message and regardless of whether it differs depending on the medium used, it must always be kept in mind that the brand remains the same. We act accordingly.
  4. No monitoring of activities and results : how is it possible to establish the goodness of a project if its results are not measured? Yet this mistake is still being made. It is essential to always quantify the return of the activities carried out and to measure precisely the results obtained, not only to have a picture of the general progress of the project but also to identify new ideas and potential.
  5. No Promises Kept : The boomerang effect of unfulfilled marketing promises is well known. The brand must be able to effectively implement what it has proposed through its promotional campaign: it is called consistency, but also fairness towards consumers. On the contrary, the synergy between brand identity and mission and marketing promises not only satisfies, but builds consumer loyalty.

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