Have you ever heard of digital strategy ? Could you define it exactly? In this article we reserve the right to take stock of the situation on an increasingly widespread term, but in many ways still rather smoky.

The digital strategy, or digital strategy , is the starting point to be set in order to determine the preliminary conditions, actions, choices, investments and future scenarios in the context of a complete and synergistic web project.

Correctly defining the digital strategy from the initial phase of any project allows both the agency and the client to define, determine and formalize the set of activities to be carried out according to specific micro-objectives and final macro-objectives .

As a rule, it is established on the basis of a series of key elements :

  • The scenario of the reference market
  • The target and market of the client brand
  • The analysis of brand performance in previous years where possible
  • Touch Point Analysis
  • Evaluation of competitors and their actual and potential pressure
  • The analysis of the results of the SWOT analysis
  • The short, medium and long term goals
  • The resources to be allocated
  • The budget to be allocated
  • Evaluation of the correct marketing mix
  • The tools for monitoring and evaluating activities

It is clear that the digital strategy will have to be agreed between all the parties involved and formally accepted , and that in general it will be the result of a synergy between the Marketing, Sales, IT and Production areas . If well structured, the digital strategy allows to reduce costs and development times and at the same time to optimize the general and synergistic performance on multiple channels.

It is equally essential to always keep in mind that the digital strategy is, by its nature, dynamic and flexible and therefore a constant reason for reflection and revision , by virtue of elements that are only partially predictable and which will always be re-evaluated in the face of actual insights and the results achieved. . Instead, what should remain solid over time is the formal operational planning , i.e. the excursus of the operations to be carried out, so that the development of the actions is efficient and effective at any point in the project. Organizational practices and strategic and operational methodologies must therefore be precisely defined from the seminal phases of the project.

What makes it possible to achieve a good digital strategy, in addition to the success of a project on the network?

  1. The reduction of the possibility of error in the development of digital communication channels
  2. The precise highlighting of the operational actions to be undertaken
  3. The formulation of specific company and operational policies along the entire project path
  4. The drafting of concrete projects, objectives and characterized by measurable results

Do you want to define the best digital strategy for the success of your online business ? Talk to us about it.

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