Walking You Through Your First Visit to A Pain Clinic in Edmonton

Did you know about 1.5 billion people are living with chronic pain? Shocking, right? If you are one of them and you are a resident of Edmonton, then it is time you visit a pain clinic in Edmonton.

This healthcare resource concentrates on patient diagnosis, treatment, and pain management. If it is your first visit, there is a high chance you have concerns about going there, and to address them, here is a small guide for you.

What Is a Pain Clinic in Edmonton?

A pain clinic, otherwise known as a pain management clinic, is a facility that helps in diagnosing and managing chronic pain. Finding the source of pain is a hectic task as there can be numerous reasons. Therefore, visiting a pain clinic is your best shot.

A pain management specialist has additional training in diagnosis and pain management and has an in-depth knowledge of the specific tests that can be used to diagnose such problems. They can prescribe medications, perform procedures and recommend therapy for their patients.

What Happens at Chronic Pain Clinic in Edmonton?

You are most likely to attend a general practitioner and a medical assistant at your first session. Generally, the appointments include one or more of the following:

  • Taking your medical history
  • Doing pain assessment
  • Perform diagnostic tests
  • Comprehensive physical exam

The list of questions you can expect the professionals to ask include:

  • Where do you feel the pain?
  • How does the pain feel? (tingling or dull)
  • How often do you experience pain?
  • When does the pain intensify? (while resting or exercising)
  • Is the pain worse while sitting, standing, or laying down?
  • How do you manage your pain? (medication or exercising)
  • Are there any other symptoms linked with pain? (for instance, bladder control)

Ensure you answer all the questions honestly because the specialists will consider this information to tailor the treatment program.

At chronic pain management clinic, patients have the opportunity to consult specialists in the following areas:

  • General medical

It can be a family practitioner or an internist who typically has a wide knowledge of a specific medical specialty.

  • Interventions

This professional is most likely to be from the field specialized in treating pain, for instance, an anesthesiologist.

  • Rehabilitation 

This provider specializes in physical or physiotherapy to help restore body function.

  • Psychiatry 

Depending on the patient, he or she may also need a psychiatrist who will be accessible at a pain clinic.

Types of Pain Treated at The Clinic

The conditions treated at a chronic pain clinic in Edmonton can be divided into three main sections: tissue-related injuries, nerve injury, and the mix of two. If you want to know more about who can benefit from the services, keep reading.

  • Disorders causing tissue injury

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the main two disorders that can cause injury, and visit a pain clinic.

  • Disorders causing nerve injury

Following is the list of conditions causing this injury: stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and neuropathy.

  • Disorders causing mixed injury

Cancer, neck and back pain are the primary reasons people experience a mix of tissue and nerve injury.

Now that you know how the pain clinic in Edmonton, like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy, works, you are ready for the first appointment. To elaborate further, here are a few common questions about the initial appointments at pain clinics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do patients expect from their first visit to a pain clinic? 

Generally, patients feel hesitant before visiting a pain clinic in Edmonton as they don’t know what they can expect. Luckily, we are here to address the concern. It is what you can expect at your first visit to a pain clinic:

  • A physical assessment
  • Interview about medical history
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Pain assessment

What happens when you are referred to a pain clinic?

When your doctor refers you to a pain clinic, the specialist there will take a thorough medical history and ask you certain questions to locate the source and type of pain. Later, they will perform physical assessments and run diagnostic tests to determine the right kind of treatment.

Why would someone be referred to a pain clinic?

If a person has been struggling with chronic pain, it is more likely their doctor will recommend them to visit a pain clinic.

It is because the professionals at those clinics can diagnose and treat the underlying aches caused by nerve and tissue injuries. They can also help patients with other deeper issues causing them to experience chronic pain.

How often do you have to go to pain management?

The frequency of your visit to a pain clinic in Edmonton depends on the course of the treatment. The specialist will evaluate your condition during the initial appointment and tailor a treatment program. They will also let you know how long the treatment will continue during this step.

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