Window Treatment: 5 Basic Tips to Choose the Best Option

Curtains can make or break a room. The proper curtains enhance the entire look of your room, while the wrong ones may make the atmosphere of your room lifeless.  

Choosing the type of curtains best for your windows is no simple task. Dig into seemingly endless options. It might overwhelm sometimes.

But you don’t have to worry because here are some tips to help you. In this post, you will learn how to get the curtains best for you and your room. A Best Bio for Telegram for your profile is a very important thing while using social media. Just like Instagram and Whatsapp, a Telegram profile also needs a Bio to describe your personality.

Choosing Custom Vs. Retail

With decorating your home, it would be better to choose the overall design of your curtain. Custom-made would be a much better option than generic, off-the-shelf ones.

Custom curtains will give you the freedom of having the exact dimensions of the curtains you want that fit perfectly on your windows. Not only that, you can choose the color you want, the texture, the fabric, and many more.

For sure, that would be better than having ill-fitting retail curtains in your room.

Choosing the Right Fabric

In selecting the fabric for your custom curtains, keep in mind how bright you want your room during the daytime. Decide how much sunlight you want in your room. Heavier fabrics block more sunlight. Custom curtains made from heavy fabric are best for a bedroom and improved privacy as well.

Lighter fabrics allow more sunlight in a room and make curtains made from a light material more suitable for the living room. It creates a welcoming atmosphere.

You also have to consider the mood you want for your room that matches the custom curtains. Traditional rooms look better with heavier fabrics. Minimalistic rooms look good on sheer, lighter textiles.

Choosing the Color

The color of your custom curtains should either provide harmony or contrast to the overall color of your room. You can achieve this effect in several ways.

If you want harmony in your room, choose colors that complement the shade of the walls. Just an additional tip, complementary colors are those placed next to each other in the color wheel. For example, the colors that are similar in the shade blue and purple can be achieved if you choose colors that sit next to each other in the color wheel, like purple and yellow. Another example is red and green.

A pleasant contrast gives more emphasis to the color of your custom curtains than to the shade of the walls.

Deciding the Length 

Long curtains would look better than shorter ones. It means that you must choose custom curtains that are long enough that the ends reach the floor. It creates a dramatic and formal look for your room. It also makes the illusion of having a higher ceiling than it is.

However, if children are around, you can opt for shorter curtains. A couple of inches above the floor would be ideal. This way, the curtains would be safe from the playful hands of the children.

Choosing the Accessories 

It depends on what effect you want to achieve. Adding accessories for your custom curtains would be great if you want an atmosphere of elegance in your room. It would make your room look more elegant. You can dress up your curtains according to your liking.

You can add pull-backs with intricate designs for that fancy look when your curtains are drawn. You can also add more embellishment by putting on valances on top of your curtains.

In contrast, opting for more simple accessories would be great for fabrics like velvet and silk to emphasize the flow and sleekness of the curtain. Whatever effect it is you want accessories are a perfect addition to the curtains.


Those are the tips for choosing your curtains. Remember to overview how you want your room to look. You can use this as your guide. 

Hopefully, these tips would help you in decorating your room and realizing the vision you have. Whatever design, mood, or look you have in mind, we can make it a reality that you can cherish and enjoy. 

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