Sxx Volvo XC90 price in India – Get a Latest Info!

Volvo is a famous Swedish car brand. It has an old history dating back to 1927 when the first unit of Volvo car hit the roads. The company prides itself in innovating, and today it is at the forefront of clean automotive technology.

It produces sedans, SUVs, buses, trucks, and even construction equipment. Volvo came to India some twenty years ago and had a strong presence here. The sxx Volvo XC90 is a mid-level flagship SUV by the company, and here we will have an overview of it, including the sxx Volvo XC90 price.

Volvo in India:

Ever since it arrived in India, the Volvo Group has registered strong growth. It is despite the fact that Volvo is a niche brand and may not carry mass appeal.

Volvo has some 40,000 vehicles on Indian roads, three manufacturing plants, 400 sales and support points, and some 3,500 individuals in direct employment. The sxx Volvo XC90 is a star among the company’s lineup and has a loyal following among the Indian classes. Let’s take a look at its lineage.

The history of Sxx Volvo XC90:

The Sxx Volvo XC90 arrived on the scene in 2002. It is a mid-sized, 5-door, five or 7-passenger luxury crossover SUV. It received a warm response from customers and critics alike and is currently the second generation.

There have been various facelifts and upgrades since the launch of the second generation in 2015. But overall, the model has been consistent with its reliability, high quality, fine details, and luxurious features.

The exterior design of Sxx Volvo XC90:

The sxx Volvo XC90 is a beautiful piece of engineering. It has a modern and sleek look. The front has the Volvo signature chrome grille, and the Volvo badge sits on its middle with two outstretched chrome lines in opposite directions.

The angular headlamps look elegant, with an LED bar bisecting their bodies. The design of the tail lamps is, in particular, very modern. They are in a stylized L-shape with an imposing and protruding presence. The current model is bigger, wider, and longer than its predecessors and has an impressive look.

The interior of Sxx Volvo XC90:

The interior of XC90 is resplendent with convenience and safety features aplenty. The cabin offers a mix of soft materials and premium-quality plastics—the plush seating with amber and brown upholstery offer unparalleled comfort.

Head-up display, air purifier, massage function, and a new infotainment system with Android connectivity are some of the stand-out convenience features of the sxx Volvo XC90.

The new safety features include; ADAS (Adaptive Driver Assistance System), including the adaptive cruise control, pilot assist, lane-keep assistance, blind-spot management system along with cross-traffic monitoring, front and rear collision mitigation, all-around 360-degree cameras, and a park assist.

The Sxx Volvo XC90 price:

The XC90 is available in different trims in the Indian market. The base trim is available for INR 89.90 lakhs. The higher trims like the XC90 Excellence and the XC90 Excellence Lounge cross the 10 million mark.

The sxx Volvo XC90’s price falls in the range of INR89.90 lakhs-1.31 crores or even higher. The more features and upgrades you opt for, the higher the price. It is available in different eye-catching color finishes that are sure to catch any customer’s fancy.


The Sxx Volvo XC90 is a worthy and notable contender in its segment. You cannot ignore its drop-dead gorgeous looks, excellent features, and proven reliability.

It poses serious competition to its equally illustrious peers like Audi Q8, Land Rover Discovery, BMW X7, and Mercedes-Benz GLS. It looks like this segment is gearing up for some stiff contest up ahead.

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