PCNOK (Patient Care Network of Oklahoma)

Despite the corruption, frauds & deteriorating conditions of people due to illness, there always are good people in this world. The good aims to help all mankind through its efforts. One such praiseworthy effort is PCNOK.

PCNOK stands for Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. A network that can greatly solve all the problems relating to illnesses & diseases amongst all classes of mankind regardless of discrimination.

Below are the many amazing features & acts of PCNOK which set an example of how the world should function overall.

What Is PCNOK?

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) is a non-profit organization that links all the primary healthcare providers in Oklahoma through a network. It is one of the largest networks in the field of healthcare.

PCNOK was founded in 2014 with the sole intention of providing premium quality healthcare services through treatments using innovative medical care processes. It serves 77 countries in Oklahoma through an advanced clinically integrated system.

What Is PCNOK?

Their main focus is on the triple aim of healthcare reform which consists of smart spending, better care, & healthier people.

Some Key Features of PCNOK Includes:

Innovation in Healthcare  

Working together as a team results in an overflow of ideas & developments through innovations. Furthermore, developments have been brought in the fields consisting of innumerable healthcare areas, such as mental health, telehealth, health coaches, & care teams.

Wide Range of Services

Innovations include a wide range of healthcare services provided which consists of dental care, vision care, mental health, & nutrition care.

Wide Range of Services

Ease of Access

In todays’ era, the rich class can afford almost every possible way to keep themselves fit & to buy the most premium healthcare services. The middle class & lower class can only dream of adequate healthcare falling in their budgets. Provided this, most people who lack financial freedom don’t even bother going to hospitals & clinics when they fall ill because of no money to afford the services. 

To facilitate everyone, PCNOK accepts Medicare, Medicaid, & private insurances. The best part is that it offers cash discounts to people who lie under a 200% poverty line.

Hence, financial stability is provided by PCNOK making its premium healthcare services available & open for all regardless of the budget.

Effects on People

The network has provided & served the 77 countries linked with it & all the people amongst them creating an environment of care & support.

PCNOK always intends to bring more people on board with them with the vision of serving them all in the best possible manner. This act has brought a great impact on the lives & state of mind of people.

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Benefits to People

The network which the team of PCNOK has managed to create is simply incredible. It solves so many of the current problems relating to healthcare & the environment as well.

The system monitors people directly from their residencies. It is such a unique system that gives the best healthcare to its patients from the comfort of their homes. In case of signals outside the normal range, the system intervenes accordingly to facilitate the patient.

The families & well-wishers of the patients can be relieved upon knowing that the patient is in normal condition & is uninterruptedly monitored through the network. The needed treatment is communicated via the network to the closed ones of the patient.

The main idea of PCNOK is to facilitate patients from one operation center. This is called the hearth of PCNOK which is the database comprising every useful information about the patients & monitoring modules constantly operating.

We all are aware of what happens today in case of an emergency. The hospital’s emergency unit is the most burdened unit of all because of the constant load of patients. The uncertainty about how many patients, regarding what health conditions might show up in the emergency room makes it impossible to have a doctor of the specialized field always available to facilitate a patient.

To lessen the burden of emergency units, PCNOK has come up with a viable & practical solution which have saved numerous lives. Constant monitoring & time to time treatment of the patients ensure that there is the least chance of a medical emergency; patients don’t even reach that critical stage!

Finally, less mobility of patients & caregivers results in decreased emissions of Carbon-dioxide (C02) gas. This is a significant effect of the network as deforestation & population increase have already contributed to much-increased levels of CO2 so this will help in normalizing those levels.

Benefits to People

Some final words for PCNOK are that humankind is greatly served through this network. By integrating the healthcare providers of different countries & improving innovative technology to facilitate patients, PCNOK has proved to be the best solution for today’s healthcare management issues.

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