Know How Can You Hide Your Text Messages On Your iPhone

There are many instances where people often feel that their phones are not protect or their still some sensitive content on the phone that they need to hide from other people. There can be certain instances where you may feel that there are sensitive and personal texts on your phone that you may need to hide your text messages on iPhone from girlfriend or someone else. So in this guide, you will get to know how you can hide your text messages or even restrict them to be seen on the lock screen of your mobile phone so that no one can view them.

You need to read the guide carefully and understand all the aspects of the process that we are giving you. Make sure that you follow all the steps correctly as you move further in the process.

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Steps to Hide Alerts of New Messages

With this method, you can hide the alerts of the new text messages that you receive on your lock screen of the mobile phone.

  • Open the Settings of your iPhone and then look for the Notifications tab.
  • After that, you need to find the ‘Messages’ application from the list and then open the options.
  • Now, change the Settings to Never or when unlocked. You will see an option that says, ‘message will not show on lock screen’. You need to choose the option which suits you but we recommend that the unlocked option will be much better.

After this, your text messages will be hidden from the public eye on the lock screen of your phone. This is the method to hide specific text messages on iPhone.

How Can You Hide Text Messages in the Messages Application?

Now after you have learnt the method with which you can hide your messages on the lock screen, you can know how to hide sensitive text messages on your iPhone. There can be numerous reason to hide text messages. But it is important to know how you can lock all those messages from the wandering public eye.

There is no in-built feature in Apple with which you can keep your message out of the public sight inside. The messaging application of the mobile phone but there are some third-party applications. That you can use for the same purpose.

There is a Cydia tweak known as HiddenConvos. Which will hide a text conversation on iPhone with a simple click. You just need to install the HiddenConvos application and then use it on your messaging application on your phone. There will be two different buttons to either delete or hide the text conversations. You can choose any option that suits you and you can even unhide the text messages that you have hidden using the Edit option.

We hope that you have understood how you can conceal your text messages on your iPhone. Visit to get a more detailed understanding of the same process. This technical website will give you a more detailed and analyzed understanding of the complete process and you can learn many other things too.

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