Who was Sidney Applebaum? What’s The Joke At SNL On Sidney Applebaum?

Sidney Applebaum was the youngest son and the 2nd youngest child of Oscar and Bertha Applebaum out of their nine children. Sidney Applebaum was born on February 28, 1924, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. His parents immigrated from Russia to the United States on their honeymoon.

Oscar took a $65 loan from his eldest son and started a corner grocery store in St. Peter and 7th street downtown St. Paul. Sid helped his father in his business by bagging rice, bundling soaps, and working as a box boy at a young age. He graduated from Humboldt Senior High School. Just after graduation, he continued to grow his father’s business.

Sidney’s Personal Life:

At the age of 20, Sidney fell in love with Loraine Smith and married Loraine on September 17, 1945. They gave birth to three children Nancy, Ellen, and Jay Applebaum. Despite having a hectic schedule in his business, he was a loving husband to Loraine and was a great father to his children.

In 1978, he and his children commenced a chain of wines stores known as Big Top Liquor and Sid’s discount liquor. Sidney Applebaum was very well-known for his kindness in society. He had helped and worked with the University of Minnesota, the United Hospital, Oak Ridge Country Club, Child’s cancer research funds, Olympic Festivals, and much more.

Who was Sidney Applebaum:

He was a man of success, a role model to be followed by entrepreneurs, especially ones involved in Grocery Markets. He was the co-founder of Big Top Liquor with his sons. He was also the leading man behind Applebaum’s Food markets, Rainbow foods, Sid’s discount liquor.

He got so much success in the Grocery industry that he was titled “Grocer of the Century.” He had a great mind in entrepreneurship to run so many businesses in just a single life. I think you got an idea about “who was Sidney Applebaum.” Let us discuss more.

What’s the joke in SNL on Sidney:

SNL stands for Saturday Night Live, and it is a live program on the TV occurring every Saturday Night. In this live program, Sidney Applebaum’s name is compared with that of Dracula. Sidney Applebaum at SNL seems uncanny and hard to stop laughing to listen to someone comparing Sid and Dracula.

Sidney Applebaum at SNL has faced a joke that makes him famous. This joke only hits you when you read thoroughly about Sid’s life. It may be the only joke for which you have to know a complete life story to understand.

His Family Grocery Stores:

Under his prolonged and brilliant performance in the Grocery industry, he was awarded the “Grocer of the century” title by Minnesota Grocer’s association in 1997. By working very hard in the grocery industry, Sidney and his six brothers and two brothers-in-law grew the store to a big chain of many stores by the 1950s.

By 1979, Applebaum’s family business had developed to its peak, and Sidney Applebaum with his brother began Applebaum’s Food Markets. This food market grew up to 30 stores in Minnesota and Duluth.

Rainbow Foods:

Later, Applebaum’s Food markets were bought by National tea founder D.B Reinhart. They gave Sid the charge of twin cities retail operation. Sidney gave D.B Reinhart an idea to convert the old Applebaum’s stores to Rainbow stores. On October 1, 1983, the chain of Rainbow foods was initiated, and Sidney Applebaum was its co-founder. Rainbow food was store styled supermarket.

Rainbow foods were often sold to different owners. Despite that, Sid remained the president of Rainbow foods until 1996 because of his brilliance in his work. There are three Rainbow stores still, open in twin cities till today. Sid retired as president of rainbow foods finally in 1997 at the age of 73. He then kept all his focus on his liquor shops after retirement.

Death of Sidney Applebaum:

Sidney died at the age of 92 on August 6, 2016, in Minnetonka. He had eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren at the time he died. By the time Sidney Applebaum died, Sid was working to enlarge his businesses. He even rinsed some of the stores thinking of making a new Grocery chain, but his death became a hurdle in his way, unfortunately. His death is not a loss only to his family but to all the Grocer’s industry.


To conclude, Sidney Applebaum was one of the best entrepreneurs, especially in the field of groceries. He was a very hard-working man, and hence his hard work had paid him off. Sidney Applebaum got much success in his business. Sidney Applebaum at SNL makes him more famous. On August 6, 2016, his death was a significant loss to all the entrepreneurs in the groceries market and his family. “Who was Sidney Applebaum”? If you did not get your answer till now, leave a comment in the comment box.

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