What is Instastalker? Get a Brief Information

An Instastalker or Instagram stalker is someone who sees your profile without you being known. He can see everything that you do on Instagram. This can be dangerous for you if someone sees every personal thing that you do on Instagram.

In this article, I’ll be telling you everything about Instastalkers. After reading this article, you will be able to know what is Instastalker? All the good and harmful uses of it. Ways to find Instastalkers and get rid of them. And finally, apps that tell you about them.

What is an instastalker or Instagram stalker?

It is obedient from the name that an Instastalker is a person who sees your personal information on Instagram. If someone wants to see your post and stories without letting you know, he uses this platform. He can see who you follow, whose pictures you like, and comment.

Or who you block and whose stories you watch. This has been made possible by some third-party apps like Ghosty. Ghosty was an app in the play store with quality to provide people a platform to stalk other people on Instagram. It was deleted by the play store as of Instagram’s complaints. But, at the time it was deleted, it was quite a bit late. Because this had earned 500,000 downloads at the time of deletion.

Bad Uses of Instastalker:

Instastalker can be used for both good and bad. In this paragraph, I’ll be telling you all the bad uses of it. As you use this to watch someone’s very personal things, it’s against the law. Everyone has privacy that needs to be respected and kept secure.

Watching who someone follows and who he blocks is his things that you do not need to know. By learning these things, Instastalkers can harass or blackmail someone. He may also public the personal information of someone. So try not to be a wrong person and try not to stalk other’s Instagram stories and accounts.

Good Uses of Instastalker:

As this is a common rule of world that you find two sides of a single thing, good and bad. Let’s now discuss what can be the good Uses of it. Parents can use this to look at their small children to know what they do on their Instagram accounts.

This can help parents to stop children if they go on any wrong path. Parents can also solve a child’s issues and affairs that he faces on Instagram. One more beneficial use of this is that if someone doesn’t have an Instagram account. He can still watch what peoples share on their Instagram without making an account. Moreover, by using this website, you can also see if your loved ones have blocked you from their accounts or not. So thus, it can be used by us for good also.

Instagram Stories: Way to find Instastalkers:

If you want to secure your account from Instastalkers, Instagram stories can help you. By posting a story on Instagram, you can come to know whether someone is stalking you or not. To know if someone is stalking you, you need to know who views your stories.

By swiping up the story, you will be able to see who viewed your story. Commonly, the most close to you on Instagram will appear at the top of the list. Whenever you see someone unknown at the top who has viewed your story, that is the stalker. Block them to get rid of them.

Ways to get rid of Instastalker:

After knowing all the facts about the Instastalker, you will indeed find some ways to get rid of the stalkers. Here I will tell you ways to be away from them. You should always make a private account on Instagram. By doing this, you will receive requests from people who want to see your posts. If you know the person that sends you follow requests, accept them; otherwise, don’t.

Apps that find you Instastalkers:

To find Instastalkers that come to your account, some apps are present. Let me tell you these apps so that you are always protected.

  • Followers Plus:

This app lets you know by sending you notifications about who visits your Instagram profile. So you will come to know if any Instastalkers visits your profile.

  • Follower Analyzer:

Follower Analyzer-like follower plus makes you know of anyone that comes and visits your Instagram profile. This sends you notifications immediately if someone comes to your profile if you are on the internet.


This was everything you needed to know about Instastalkers. I’ve discussed everything Related to it. Hope you by now know what it is instastalker? Uses of it. Ways to find them and ways to get rid of them. And the apps that tell you about Instastalkers. If you like to know anything about it, let us know by leaving us a comment below. We will surely get it to you.

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