When we talk about workflow in the digital environment, and specifically in an internet marketing context , we refer to the beating heart of the so-called Marketing Automation . And it is precisely this vital soul that we want to talk to you today.

If we were to simplify the definition of workflow as much as possible , we would tell you that it is the irreplaceable tool to ensure that the leads you have generated through specific digital actions can turn into real customers .

In slightly more specific terms, we can instead argue that the workflow is the process that is activated automatically when a contact contained within a database performs a specific online action . Do you want a practical example? A visitor to your site fills out the contact form to download content. In this case, you can create a workflow that automatically sends the new contact an email within 24 hours of filling out the form, offering them the content to download. Three days later, the workflow is “scheduled” to send a second email to the contact, with the aim of prompting him to get in touch with you.

In practice, as you can see, the workflow is nothing more than a ” workflow ” (this is in fact the literal translation of the term) that can manage your leads but also give life to a virtuous process in terms of information exchange to the within the company work team, or for the assignment and management of a prospect to an account manager or customer care, and so on. In new generation digital marketing , however, the workflow always has the primary purpose of facilitating the transformation of contacts into active customers.

The creation of workflows obviously takes place with the aid of specific dedicated tools (software) that deal with the aforementioned Marketing Automation . In this sense, it is essential for a complete management of all the platforms and tools involved (internal database and CRM, external sites), that Marketing Automation is entrusted to Inbound Marketing software . The latter, in fact, have been designed and built precisely with the aim of creating perfect interconnection and communication between all the “actors” involved in an automatic and smart way .

The most famous Marketing Automation software is of course Hubspot , which allows a truly optimal management of workflows. Specifically, the latter can be based on various parameters : the moment in which a form is filled in; a specific calendar date ; precise properties of the reference contact.

Starting from these characteristics, the paths that the workflow can carry out will be almost unlimited and all will have the characteristic of “recording” and processing the behavior of the online user . This is how it is possible to create a truly effective lead nurturing : “nurturing” the contact with the right information and solicitations is the key step to capture his interest, seduce him and convince him to buy your products or services .

Do you want to talk more about the potential of Hubspot , lead nurturing , Marketing Automation ? Are you thinking of an Inbound Marketing project for your company? Want to know the power of Hubspot ? Come and visit us: our experience and our enthusiasm are at your disposal!

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