Want To Buy A Photo On Canvas? This Is How You Can Recognize Quality

Canvas prints come in all shapes and sizes. The offer is so great that sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Let’s assume you’re looking for a canvas artwork to enjoy for years to come. It is therefore important that you choose quality. But what exactly do you have to pay attention to when you print a  photo on canvas?  Order? With our tips you can recognize quality. A high-quality canvas is so much more than just a razor-sharp print. But that’s where it starts. So be sure to check which type of printer is being used. For example, we use advanced HP Latex printers that meet the highest quality requirements. This allows us to guarantee that the details of your photo on canvas are printed very sharp and the colors are reproduced lifelike. What’s more, our canvas prints are UV-resistant, so your photo will continue to shine just as intensely when exposed to direct sunlight. So no risk of discoloration.

Quality materials, quality canvas prints

A second point to keep in mind when using a stock image or your own photo on canvas order is the quality of the materials used. Your printer may be advanced, but if the materials used are not of the same high quality, this will also show. A sturdy canvas is therefore a must, but the frame over which the photo is stretched should not be overlooked. We ourselves use a sturdy wooden frame, made of wood from sustainably managed forests.

You can recognize this by the FSC® label. The wooden frame is then assembled manually by our experienced professionals, after which they carefully clamp your print. We deliberately opt for a frame with curved edges, so that the wood does not leave a mark on the canvas. Because for a high-quality end result, all details have to be right. Be sure to check whether your photo on canvas comes with extra reinforcing wedges, as is the case with us. If the canvas loses its tension after a while, you can easily re-tension it by tapping it gently with a hammer.

Quality canvas? It’s in the details

A third point that distinguishes medium from high quality is the finish. Ideally, your photo on canvas will look flawless from every angle. We ensure this by mirroring the photo on the sides. This way the chosen photo will be shown in full and you do not need a frame to frame your canvas print. Remove your canvas artwork from its packaging, mount it directly to the wall and you’re done!

Always check whether – as with us – a suspension system is provided to hang your canvas level. There is nothing more annoying than spending hours hanging your canvas painting. Also not unimportant is the place where you will hang your photo on canvas. If the canvas painting ends up in an area where there may be contact with food or vulnerable people, such as children, the sick or the elderly, the print may of course not contain any harmful ingredients.

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