Tips By Experts of Phone Repair Stores On How To Fix a Water-Damaged Phone 

Did your phone go swimming?  When you see your smartphone covered in water, everything comes to a stop suddenly. You know that nothing positive will happen within the next few moments, whether you’re in a swimming pool, your toilet, or at sea. After all, it’s a costly high-tech item, so it will likely be useless. Not to forget that you might have lost all of your valuable files! 

Undoubtedly, your next move would be to Google all the possible ways to fix this damage. Sadly, this is one of those searches! Let’s start by acknowledging that it’s a bit of a roll of the dice to try to save a water-damaged smartphone. Nothing can ensure success, but it’s always worthwhile to try. The following advice from expert phone repair stores could increase your chances of success.

How to Fix a Water-Damaged Smartphone – Advice by Phone Repair Stores

To ensure it will withstand a dip, you might want to choose a phone that is water resistant and has a high IP rating. But not everyone has the luxury of buying a waterproof phone. Investing in something like that can be beneficial if you know you’ll be placing your cell phone at risk at your upcoming beach getaway.

Here’s what to do in a situation like that:

Turn it OFF!

Immediately responding to such a tragic situation is difficult, but you must force yourself to do so! Your smartphone’s chances of survival decrease the longer it is underwater. Dig deep and pull that cell phone out of the water as soon as possible. Assure that the device is turned off and remains so once it has been removed from the water. Shutting it off is crucial even if everything seems fine. Just turn off the cell phone if it’s still on. Anyone still using a replaceable battery should remove it. When the phone is turned off, water cannot enter and harm critical phone components while the electronics are in use. The risk of irreversible damage is higher when water reaches operational components.

Dry the Exterior

You must first try to get all the extra water on the phone’s body. Dry it as thoroughly as possible with a cloth or a paper towel. Just be careful not to fiddle with the phone excessively. Dry out everything gently without moving anything around a lot. It’s not good news that all this water might end up inside the phone.

Its Time to Dry the Interior

Leave your phone in a drawer or closet, but some people prefer to give it a little assistance. The goal is to place it in a setting that will speed up the drying process. It is ideal to place it next to a window because the air and sunlight may provide some help.  It can also help if you put it close to a vent or a fan.

Another highly popular method is to place the cell phone in a Ziploc bag with rice inside and leave it there for up to three days. But why rice? Primarily because most homes have access to it easily. Because rice is dry, it is excellent at trapping moisture from the air, dries out the area around the phone, and aids in drying the device.

Having said that, there are better options if you can go to a phone repair store. If you live in Philadelphia and happen to have a water-damaged phone. Consider trying the tips mentioned above. Don’t worry if your phone still doesn’t work; there is still hope! Many phone repair stores in Philadelphia, like Mr. Fix Repair, can help your get your phone back to life!

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