A Guide To Saving Money When Buying Loose Cognac Diamonds

Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend and have been since De Beers launched their brilliant advertising campaign that swept the world, ensuring a bright future for the diamond industry. De Beers positioned diamonds as essential for any self-respecting woman and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, diamonds are more popular than ever, with global sales reaching $30 billion annually. Thanks to the enduring power of advertising, it seems likely that diamonds will continue to sparkle in the hearts of women around the world for many years to come.

These sparkling stones come in many colours, including the sought-after champagne diamonds, with their top-rated vivid and fancy stones. If you are looking to buy loose champagne diamonds, you will no doubt be planning to commission a very special piece of jewellery and here’s some good advice to help you acquire top champagne diamonds for the best price.

Approach A Custom Jeweller

The custom jeweller has access to the wholesale market, allowing you to cut out the middleman, so to speak. Argyle champagne diamonds are the best in the world and even though the Argyle Mine is no longer producing diamonds, the best stones are still available. Once you have the gemstones, the custom jeweller can design the perfect piece and when you approve the final design, a price is agreed, and the specialist can start work.

Special Access To Wholesale Markets

Custom jewellers have connections in the gemstone industry, and they can acquire stones at a price that you could not match. Any private individual looking to buy loose gemstones would have to pay the retail price; the gem wholesaler is not permitted to sell to parties outside the industry. When you commission a piece of jewellery such as a champagne diamond engagement ring, the jewellery maker saves you money on stone acquisition.

Calculate A Budget

We are not talking about gemstone budget, rather the amount you are prepared to pay for the finished piece of jewellery, which obviously includes the cost of the loose stones. When you approach a jewellery maker, they will want to know your budget, so you should have a ball-park figure in your head when you make initial contact.

Benefits Of Custom Jewellery


Take a special occasion like an engagement or wedding, when the ring should be a unique one-off design that was created especially for the couple. This means you can create the perfect ring and the fact that you designed it won’t go unnoticed, as you have input on the following:

  • loose stone acquisition
  • choice of metal
  • choosing the cut(s)
  • setting
  • overall design

If you would like an informal chat with a custom jeweller, you can book a 30-minute Zoom call when you can both discuss your requirements. You won’t have to worry about the quality of the champagne diamonds, as the jewellery maker’s reputation is on the line. All stones come with full GIA certification; the jeweller has the stones appraised after the cutting and polishing process, which results in certification. The entire project can be completed without meeting the jeweller, thanks to VoIP technology.

We don’t recommend you buy gemstones from a dealer that makes contact with you; rather approach a leading custom jeweller directly and this should lead to a piece of jewellery that exceeds even your high expectations.

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