Strategy 1: Sponsored Posts

The most popular method to earn money from Instagram is to make sponsored posts. The benefit of this method is that you don’t have to be concerned about selling the products you post on your profile.


All you need to do is be you and review brand names and items that fit your preferences and lifestyle.



Unfortunately, this approach isn’t as easy as it may appear. To earn money from sponsored posts, you need to locate companies willing to offer you money in exchange for your content.


There must be some number of active followers. The number will depend on the area you’re involved in and the size of your rivals.


Naturally, of course, you could choose to take your destiny into your own hands and begin contacting manufacturers of intriguing products.


How do I proceed?

To make money from Instagram, it is not necessary to attempt to cover as many subjects as possible. Instead, it would be best if you discovered something that, on the one hand, is a topic that a lot of users are keen on. However, there aren’t many other Instagrammer who have delved into it in-depth.


For instance, the topic “nutrition” is far too general and has been extensively covered by thousands of Instagrammer. What about an account that focuses on different diets and nutritional forms instead? The more unique, the more interesting.


The most important to do is pick a subject that will make your heart beat faster. If you’re passionate about your posts and your readers, be the same.


Expand your audience

With 1.000 followers, you can be referred to as a Micro-Influencer. In this way, you could earn money through Instagram. To survive on the Instagram income, you need to increase your followers by at least 150.


The growth of your followers should be among your main objectives. In our blog, we’ll detail how to get many more Instagram followers. Instagram.


Create a community

Working with companies increases your chances of establishing a genuine connection with your fans.


Do not mislead them

  • Be honest

You can also modify your content according to their demands and desires.


The Instagram follower community

Make sure you take care of your followers and others who may want to join your community.

Connect with brands

There are two options to meet new partners to collaborate, waiting to be contacted or actively attempting to contact companies on your own. It’s not difficult to imagine this is the most suitable option for both small and large influencers.


In this manner, you will have full control of who you collaborate with, and you’ll get excellent collaborations that can aid in growing your Instagram more quickly.

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Beware of scammers: The biggest companies will approach you at the end of the career of an influencer. When you are on your way to becoming a macro-influencer who has hundreds of thousands of followers, you’ll encounter fraudsters who promise you the moon.


Develop a healthy scepticism toward advertisements from brands, and then take the time to read through contracts thoroughly.


Scammers on Instagram make money.

Keep your word. Once you reach several followers, Scams with tempting amounts will keep flooding your inbox. They usually include products and services seen negatively by the general public.


Be cautious before you recommend gambling or anything shady to your customers. You must ensure that the product is suitable for you and that you don’t fool your followers into traps, or you could risk your reputation.


What is the average amount I can earn from sponsored contributions?

The amount you earn per post will depend on the niche you are in, the number of followers you have, and the level of engagement, i.e. how frequently your readers comment and share or link to your posts.



Strategy 2: Become an Affiliate

When it comes to earning money from Instagram affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing plays a significant role.


But what exactly is affiliate marketing?


Affiliates are nothing but the sales partner of a business. In contrast to the business itself, it is unnecessary to think about storage and shipping items. You have to add them to your articles.


Here’s the way it operates:


  1. Bring the items to be sold in the camera, and write some lines to provide a description.
  2. Think about: Why is this product an absolute necessity for my readers?
  3. Finally, you should publish an affiliate link that redirects your readers to an online store.
  4. If they choose to purchase the product, you’ll receive part of the profits.


Search for an affiliate

Of course, you could take the time to write to the brands you are interested in personally. However, this process takes a lot of time.


It’s faster and easier to sign up with an “affiliate system”.


  • DigiStore24
  • AdCell
  • Superflex
  • and AWIN.


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