How to Create Effective Instagram Story Ads, Step by Step

How to Create Effective Instagram Story Ads, Step by Step

Instagram Stories are constantly expanding in popularity, and there’s a good reason behind this. Over a billion people use Instagram each month, (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) and more than 500 million people use Stories each day. From a marketing standpoint, it’s easy to see that Instagram Stories are an excellent option for businesses. If you’re not getting maximum use of potential Stories as a platform for your advertisements and you’re not maximizing an abundance of advertising opportunities.

This guide will explain Instagram Storie’s advertising basics and include inspirational Instagram Stories advertisements examples from which you can take a lesson.

What exactly are Instagram Story advertisements?

Stories on Instagram’s Story adverts are full-screen vertical video or photo ads shown to users who look through Instagram Stories.

Advertisers can include customized swipe-up CTAs in Instagram Story ads (however, the swipe-up feature is set to be replaced with stickers). The available objectives are the brand’s visibility, reach, and conversions (more details on this can be found in the section on setting up).

Instagram Story ads don’t disappear after 24 hours as the organic Story Content does. Instead, you can decide how long your campaign will last.

Advertising on Instagram Stories offers you the chance to express your creativity, and your advertisements are seamlessly integrated into viewers’ experiences.

Instagram Story advertisements are the best methods

To create a successful Instagram Stories advertisement, you must consider the long-term and strategic approach and plan for the future.

Here are some guidelines to consider when creating your Stories ads to make you make an impact and draw attention.

Straight to the point

Content gets consumed extremely quickly on Instagram and, especially, in particular, Instagram Stories.

Your ads should grab your audience’s attention quickly to make your message stand out from the flow of posts. The use of suspense does not look great in Instagram Story advertisements, so get your videos off with a value argument.

Use your logo strategically to promote your brand.

If you’re making an effort to make a beautiful Story advertisement, don’t neglect to take advantage of brand awareness. There’s an easy way of making this happen: by including your company’s logo in your Story.

Here are some suggestions to ensure that you are at the top of your mind when using this method:

  • Make sure that no objects or design elements hinder the logo’s visibility.
  • Focus on the product or service in your narratives, particularly depending on whether the product or service you are promoting already has the logo.
  • Beware of flashy design elements so that your company’s name or logo is prominent in the Story.
    Engage your audience with your ads
  • Although, generally speaking, photos perform better on Instagram however, you can spice up the content you post by telling stories through animations or videos at times.

Companies also attempt to enhance their Story advertisements stand out by adding interactive elements, such as hashtags, stickers, mentions, or polls. Use these tools to create your own stories and track those that work best for your target audience.

Use text

To make your advertisement stand out with its message, add some text to your imagination. Descriptions and captions will help make your ad accessible to all people with hearing impairments and viewers who view Stories without sound.

Include explicit calls to act wisely

The Instagram Stories ads won’t be efficient if they don’t contain clearly defined CTAs. Your users should be aware of what you’re asking them to take action on. Such phrases shop now learn more or swipe right up’ can motivate your customers to engage in a specific action.

How do I make Instagram Story ads?

Follow these step-by-step steps to create an original Instagram Story advertisement within minutes.

Step 1: Design an entirely new campaign

Visit the Ads Manager, and select Create to create an advertisement campaign. You can name your campaign whatever you like, but make sure you choose a name that accurately describes your campaign (for example, 2021 Back to School Promo).

Making a new campaign on Facebook ads manager
Leave the Buying Type on Auction.

Then, select your campaign objective. Here are the goals available in the Instagram Stories ad placement:

  • Brand recognition
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages
  • Conversions

Selecting a campaign’s objective In Facebook ads manager
Once you’ve decided on your goals, create an ad, and enter the names of the ad set. After that, save the Draft.

Step 2: Set up ad set details

Before you do that, you must choose where you’d like to send traffic from your advertisement. “Website” is the default choice; however, you could also redirect traffic to an app, Messenger or WhatsApp.

In the Budget & Schedule, determine your daily or lifetime budget.

Then, it’s time to begin the selection. You can either manually define your desired audience or select a custom or similar audience that you’ve already built from the dropdown menu.

Find out more about how to target Facebook and Instagram audiences here.

The next step is to go to Placements. Select Instagram Stories. (Buy YouTube Views UK) You may also opt to place your ads across several locations. If your content is designed especially for Stories (i.e., you’re using full-screen vertical videos or images), Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories could be a suitable match.

Then, you’ll get to your place’s Optimization and Delivery section. You can leave it at auto-bid if you’re beginning in Stories. Stories placement, you can leave it in the auto-bid mode for Facebook’s algorithm to optimize the delivery for you.

Step 3: Personalize your designs

The final step is to make sure your posts are properly positioned to be successful when it comes to Instagram Stories.

This is where you upload and cut your image or video files, then add text, alter font and background colors, add music, and call to action.

When you personalize your advertisement, the preview left of your dashboard will be updated in real-time. Make sure that you’re viewing the preview that is specifically for Stories. Below is the Ad Preview toggle switch; click on the Instagram logo and choose Instagram Stories.

The process of choosing an ad’s location within Facebook Ads Manager

Step 4: Go over and then schedule your advertisement

Then, go through all of your settings and your creatives. Be sure to pay attention to your budgeting options, your start and finish dates, and the URL of your landing page.

Some examples of fantastic Instagram Story advertisements

It’s time to look at real-world examples of effective ads which will allow you to be motivated. The brands mentioned below followed the most effective methods and created captivating, powerful Instagram Stories.

When planning your ads, think about the strategies that worked for them, and consider ways to incorporate their ideas into your unique ads.


Audible made a big splash in this commercial to emphasize the benefits the platform can offer its users. The call-to-action highlighted that the platform provides exclusive content that is not accessible from other audiobook companies.


Qantas utilized their knowledge of Gen Z and Millennials Gen Z-ers when they created an ad to promote their company’s brand AWOL.

They are aware that younger people use Instagram to find ideas for vacation destinations. According to a study conducted in the UK, nearly 50% of Gen Z is motivated to travel by Instagram’s influencers. Instagram.

Qantas utilized the Instagram Stories platform and showcased stunning images in their content to draw their viewers. They encouraged their users to envision the adventure ahead and encouraged a travel-loving group of people.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is known for its fun, colorful commercials.

In this instance, they talk to people getting ready to resume working in their office following lockdown. They will be eager to celebrate the event.

With this in mind, Ben & Jerry’s launched an assortment of stylish and entertaining ads for back-to-work that remind customers of their catering services (and Ice cream, of course!).

Understanding how to blend seasons and world events with messages from your brand will allow you to connect with your customers truly. Keep an eye on opportunities within your field or plan for future events before the event.

Design amazing Instagram Story ads

The art of creating engaging and successful Instagram Story ads isn’t as difficult as it seems. With the right planning, creativity, and a keen understanding of the best methods, you can create Story ads that captivate your audience and keep them captivated enough to click (or press).

Make sure to remember:

Keep your Story’s ads engaging by using interactive elements
Keep your tone consistent and appearance
Experiment using video
Add call-to-action elements
That’s it! Now, it’s time to create your own amazing Instagram Story ads and watch your business increase in popularity!

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