5 Amazing Online Business Ideas for Students!

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  1. 5 Amazing Online Business Ideas for Students
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Need to earn some money to take care of your basic expenses in college life? Here are some low-investment online business ideas that you can start right away! 

5 Amazing Online Business Ideas for Students

Social media managing

As a college student, there are great chances that you are already using every social media app out there. From Facebook to TikTok to Instagram, these social media platforms are a huge part of your regular day. 

There are many small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for a social media savvy individual. These individuals are given the designation or title of the social media manager. There are different responsibilities and tasks for social media managers, depending upon the business.

  • Schedule of social media posts
  • Keep social media accounts of the business updated with the latest campaigns, trends, and news
  • Interacts with followers and customers on social media
  • Keep track of social media promotions and campaigns
  • Analyze social media performance of the business and report back 
  • Have a good eye for effective social media trends and tactics
  • Create, edit, design, and plan social media posts

If you have an in-depth understanding of how social media works, are up-to-date with the recent trends, and have sufficient time, then social media management is a great way to earn some money while in college.

Make sure you are equipped with a reliable smart device such as a mobile phone or a laptop and also have a stable internet connection so you stay connected at all times.

Online coaching and tutoring

You must be learning a new skill or polishing your pre-existing skill at college. If you have picked up a skill till at least intermediate level, you are eligible for tutoring total beginners for it. 

For example, if you have learned video editing in your film school, you can teach the basics of video editing to complete beginners. This can be done simply by making videos and recording voice-overs that further explain the different techniques of editing.

These can be shared as recorded lectures, or you can hold live lectures for a more effective learning environment. Your best strategy would be to have introductory prices that are the cheapest, so you can attract students and young adults to sign up for your tutoring classes very easily. 

Another thing you can do is to teach a language online. There are many tools and platforms that help make online tutoring so much easier.

For example, screen sharing features on Zoom and MS Teams, or Jamboard on Google and virtual whiteboards make lectures and demonstrations very easy. If you know a language like French, Chinese, or even English, you can give one-on-one or group-based classes. 

Fitness training

If you are a fitness freak, then it’s time to monetize that freak in you. Don’t try to do anything that requires a certification or a certain level of qualification. For example, giving nutrition or diet guides to people needs qualifications and a lot of eligibility, and can be riskier as well. 

Instead, opt for becoming a trainer that advises people to change their lifestyle. Record workout sessions and sell those to people who need them.

Healthy cooking recipes and even meal preps can be sold through online platforms. Not only will you be making money, but you will also be tapping into a niche market with less competition and more future scope. 

Computer tutoring 

As a computer tutor, your main audience will be older people. However, people who have less digital literacy or don’t have access to expensive schools and colleges will also be able to make use of your computer tutoring.

As a college student, you will have a fair understanding of computers yourself. Therefore, teaching someone else virtually should not be difficult. 

Like all other online tutoring ideas, you can teach computers either through live sessions or recorded lectures. As a college student, recorded sessions make more sense as you won’t have to be time-bound and won’t compromise on your college schedule. 

Voice-over work

There is a huge increase in demand for voice-over artists. The work can be done remotely, but you might need a little more investment. You will need a set of audio-recording equipment such as mics and headphones, as well as a laptop that can accommodate heavy editing. 

Voice-over work can be done on a freelance or contractual basis. You will have to record yourself speaking for different purposes such as digital ads, dubbing a video that is in another language, or even recording a voice-over for a kid’s video.

Most of the time you will be given all the instructions and scripts that you have to strictly follow. This is a fun business idea and is also growing in demand.

A Wrap-Up

No matter what online business you are choosing to pursue, make sure you are equipped with the necessary tech, gadgets, and a reliable internet connection. You should opt for a cheap and powerful internet service like internet offered by Spectrum which offers speeds from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps.

As a college student, make sure to find cheaper alternatives to everything so your investment cost is as low as possible.


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