Best Types of New Roofing Options For Edinburgh Residence

The roof is the most important part of any building whether it is a residential building or commercial building. Roof plays an important role and provides support to the entire building and protects everything inside.  

The roof of a house or any residential building gives it a complete look and often the selection of the type of roof installed makes the value of the property increase.

Hiring contractors for roofing services in Edinburgh can be a smart move and may increase the entire look of your property besides increasing its value. 

Here are some types of roofs briefly described for your guidance, to choose from according to your preference. 

Mansard Roof 

A Mansard roof also called French or Curb roof has a flat top with the sides slanting. Another design of the Mansard roof has two sloping on all four sides of the house. The Mansard roof is not very steep and provides a nice space on the top floor of the house. 

Saltbox Roof 

The saltbox roof is a very unique design with an asymmetrical roof. In this design, one side of the roof is longer and steeper and the other side is shorter. This roof design works best in two-storied houses. 

Flat Roof 

The Flat roof is as the name describes, flat. This design is easy to construct and provides equal level space on the top floor. Additional rooftop space can also be used for different purposes.

But this type of roof also requires a lot of maintenance as the debris from all types of weather conditions may pile and accumulate, hence manual labour is required to clear the roofing space. 

Butterfly roof 

This type of roof is the opposite design of the common sloping roof with its edges upward and joining in the centre forming a V-shape. The complete look of this roof gives the effect of the butterfly spreading its wings for a flight. 

Pyramid Roof 

This type of roof is shaped like a pyramid. It mostly covers small portions of the house separately, making several pyramids to cover all the sections of the house. But it is mostly used for covering small cottages and garages. 

Hip Roof 

The hip roof is the most common type of roofing. It is also like a pyramid roof with slopes on each side, but due to the length of the house, it forms a ridge at the top. This type of roof is more common in windy and snowy areas. 

Gable Roof 

Gable roofs are very popular in the US. Its triangular design is very convenient in rainy or snowy weather as it does not let anything pile on the top because of the steep slopes. This design is also very economical and easy to make. 


Mentioned above are some of the top roofing options around the US. Before hiring a contractor, you should have a clear idea of which type of new roofs Edinburgh are popular and long-lasting. Select the one that suits your requirements and is the best option for your house


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