Avraham Rozenman: Reality vs Perception

Who is this mastermind?

Avraham Rozenman, also known as Avi Rozenman, is the person we’ve always been advised to avoid. There are two methods to become a multi-millionaire identity: work hard and accumulate all the money, or take the shortcut, which in most cases is related to dishonesty, fraud, and committing crimes. Avraham Rozenman is the one who chose the shortcut. The issue is, why did he achieve all of these heinous crimes? He was the Chief Operating Officer of a Domestic Limited Liability Company and could have obtained funds legally.

He could have, but he didn’t because his need for fortune was driving him insane. The market’s word Is that he has consistently been recognized for his opulent tastes. He wasn’t born affluent and had to see a lot of hardship, which drove him wild and moved his desire for riches to more extraordinary lengths. He might have gone the long route, but he preferred shortcuts.

As an artist understands his craft, he just had it in him to con people into putting large sums of money in him and all the entities established in his name. Yes, Domestic Limited Liability Company was not the only company he controlled; he also had numerous other enterprises. He either owned them or had a significant stake in them. According to reports, none of this firm’s employees were employed for healthy, productive tasks, but rather to convert his unlawful money into white money and money laundering.

People had invested a large sum of money in him based on his appearance, believing that how an innocent-looking guy could like him conduct any deception. Still, we’d want to emphasize that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes. Behind these masks lurk a thief, a criminal, and a thug. In his greed and pursuit of fortune, he made poor investments and lost all that others had put in him.

As word spread, all of his investors began to arrive at his office and residence. As a result, he utilized the remaining funds to bet because he is a regular gambler, but he had no idea that he would lose in this, which is precisely what happened. He had no choice but to go out and find possible investors, but all of his potential investors began withdrawing from investments owing to the recent spread of knowledge about his scams.

Those who didn’t know and were perplexed by his appearance invested in him once again. Following the collapse of his firm Bitum USA, he began hunting for possible investors and after duping several individuals, he established a company called Roztech, which eventually had to cease operations in the nation and declare bankruptcy. According to reports, he understood he owed a large sum of money to investors.

There was no turning back, so he began passing these investments to his buddies in Colombia who operated in a Colombian underground drug gang. As a final resort, investors approached the US State Department under relentless pressure to intervene and find out who this individual was. He was already on their radar and was unaware of it. He had declared bankruptcy for all of his organizations.

 However, he was still making large financial transfers to his Colombian accounts, which proved out to belong to a Colombian drug cartel upon further investigation. With adequate proof, a manhunt was launched to apprehend him and take him into custody. Avi Rozenman was ultimately arrested from where he was hiding after days of searching. His investors felt that this would be his end because he would most likely be condemned to live in jail, but the regulatory authorities had other plans for him.

2011 was the year of his collapse, the year when things began to spiral out of control for him for the very first time, and the following year he was deported from the United States of America and was never allowed to return. Would this have impacted Avi Rozenman? No, he fled to Colombia, and the rumor on the street is that he has begun working for the same drug cartel under continuous security. What a genius he is; he prepared everything and is now living life to the fullest. According to rumors, Bitumen LLC is still in existence in a few major cities around the United States which is entitled under his name, Avi Rozenman.


As previously stated, there are two distinct paths to prosperity, and we as a team advise our readers always to avoid taking the shortcut since, sooner or later, you will wind up looking like him. Working hard and earning money may not be as enjoyable, exhilarating, or gratifying, but it will keep you secure and mentally stable. You won’t have to think about or worry about the cops since you won’t be involved in any horrible acts. Avraham Rozenman, for example, should be seen as a model for learning from.

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