NAXA has officially joined the list of members of IAB Italia , the association founded in 1998 with the aim of developing collaboration between the various brands , orienting it towards achieving standards of excellence . From research to certifications, from training activities to meetings, IAB offers the opportunity to discuss and evaluate scenarios and markets , so as to identify the best practices to be applied in the digital industry .

Particularly interesting is the sustainable approach of the initiative , which aims to guarantee its reference sector the right tools to continue doing business not only in the present, but also in the future.

Simplify what is complicated 

The simplification of apparently more complicated activities has always been one of the cornerstones of the digital services offered by NAXA. In this sense, the cohesion with the philosophy of IAB Italia is very strong, since the association favors precisely this approach with the help of events and initiatives now famous for those who work in the digital sector: from the IAB Forum to the Milan Digital Week , members and participants can benefit from updates and insights and see the comparison between demand, intermediation and offer encouraged.

The future of digital advertising is, after all, also the result of a constant think tank , facilitated by IAB thanks to the new certification program , playbooks and research on industry news.

Who are the IAB members 

By joining IAB Italy, NAXA now joins a large number of Italian companies that stand out both in size and in business area. The association’s “membership pool” hosts digital agencies but also publishers, brands and tech providers , so as to guarantee an all-encompassing parterre of the digital industry.

NAXA wanted to seize this opportunity for the infinite advantages it brings with it , not only in terms of training and constant professional updating , but also for the numerous opportunities for workshops, sponsorships, activities and special projects .

Not only that: even in terms of certifications , IAB Italia has a lot to offer, since it was created to accredit the expertise and competence of digital marketing and advertising agencies according to the objective criteria typical of the association’s standards.

We are proud to have joined the IAB Italia family !

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