Keep An Eye on The Important Twitter Metrics

While talking about digital advertising and social media marketing, there are many possible ways to keep your business ranked among the top trends. Twitter is the type of social media platform that you can never miss if you have a business company or a brand to advertise. It proposes different business marketing modules and strategies including news updates, social networking with clients, and increasing brand awareness.

A social management company is hereby including Twitter in most of the business networking purposes. All you need to do is to take a deep and regular look at the Twitter metrics to analyze your business performance. Here we will discuss some important metrics to ensure successful business marketing.

Top trending tweets

The very first metrics that you have to check are those top trending tweets of your business. If you understand what are your top tweets you will have a great opportunity to understand the audience preferences and it will be a good start for your business marketing.

If you keep an eye on your top tweets for a long period of time you will be able to make an outline of your business trending patterns and audience engagement strategies.

Top mentioning in tweets

Once you are having all the records of your top tweets, you have to take a look at the top mention of your brand. Your brand or company mentioning in a comment or in other tweets may be positive or negative but at least it is reaching out to more people. This will increase the social networking of your brand and increase brand recognition and visibility among the audiences.

Tweet impression

In social media marketing, a very important metric of Twitter is to understand the impression of your tweets which means how many tweets of your company have been seen by audiences for a certain time period. This metric is not about reading a tweet by the social media users, but about its viability to the audiences.

While Twitter impressions can be deceiving, they can also give you an overview of your brand reputation. For example, this metric can tell you how popular a Tweet has the potential to be.

Number of followers

While making a marketing strategy for your business on Twitter, this metric is of great importance. There must be a large number of followers that should respond to your marketing messages. Having followers is not enough, social management company will make sure that your followers come to your posts and engage positively with your business.

Clicks per link

In this Twitter metric, the total clicks on the links in your post are measured. This can give you a brief understanding of how many audiences are engaging in your post and are interested to have a look at your social media advertisement. You can find out the performance of your posts and contents.

Clicks on profile

This metric will help you to find out how many people and how many times your profile has been searched and clicked. You will be able to know your brand’s worth on social media by taking into account the profile visitors.


While trying to build a strong online presence, a social management company has to keep focused on all the possible ways and trends happening around. While trying to get audience attention on Twitter and building brand recognition over there, you have to make sure your social media marketing is running smoothly and what are the important metrics to track while measuring the success of the brand.

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