What is the Lunk Alarm System at Planet Fitness?

Lunk alarm at Planet Fitness gym is a unique sound-blaring approach towards undesired activities to make the environment less intimidating for an average gym-goer. This system is both liked and hated by many. Lunk alarm is a shrill sound of 110 decibels which can bring the whole gym to a stand-still.

It mostly goes off during undesirable activities such as loud thudding of weights, heavy breathing, grunting or making someone feel intimidated. Planet fitness gym facility claims to provide a non-judgmental, safe and open space for occasional gym goers whose interest is not to get chiseled bodies but just to remain healthy. Many people question the legal and logical aspects of lunk alarm planet fitness.

We all have a person in our gym acquaintances who is judgmental, makes unnecessary noises, and always drops the weights loudly while the other people in the gym try to focus on their own fitness goals. In the world of physical fitness, this attitude is termed as the “Lunk”.

Recently, a famous public fitness chain “Planet fitness” has come up with a unique “Lunk Alarm System” that highlights the discomfort of other people when anybody makes loud & unnecessary noises. The lunk alarm sounds like a loud siren that blares when the gym administration wants to tone down the ratio of unwanted activity. The “lunk alarm” can even be set off if a gym member uses a cellphone in the workout area. Lunk alarm is the perfect way of stopping purposeful shaming of other gym members.

Why Planet Fitness uses the Lunk alarm system?

Planet fitness is a famous public fitness chain that has branches all over the world. It is particularly famous in the United States with facilities at 120 locations. Planet fitness focuses on making the average gym user feel less intimidated. To avoid the usual noisy environment of a gym where the air is filled with grunts and thudding of weights, they have devised the lunk alarm system.

A loud siren goes off whenever somebody makes unnecessary sounds or involves in any activity that might cause discomfort and distraction to other gym users. Planet fitness makes a rule of throwing out people if they repeatedly bring attention to themselves by annoying other people with their activities.

Another brilliant principle that has made planet fitness so popular is its non-judgmental attitude towards people of all shapes and sizes who seek to become physically fit. Introducing lunk alarm planet fitness is one of their ways to discourage bullying.

What is the Lunk Alarm?

Pro’s & Con’s

The lunk alarm is a 110 dB shrill sound. It has a huge tendency to damage ear function. It is also against the OSHA sound level limit.

What does an average person feel about a lunk alarm system? 

Planet fitness focuses on people who are on average fitness levels or visit the gym occasionally. Their lunk alarm system helps them to create a more neutral and welcoming environment where nobody is made to feel any less. However, the lunk alarm has its cons.

  • Grunting: grunting is a common practice in conventional gyms. But at plant fitness, it is strictly prohibited. Fitness trainers argue that grunting helps a weight lifter in focusing on their goal. For heavy weight lifters at planet fitness, a simple grunt or heavy breathing can mean being thrown out of the gym.
  • Unintentional mistakes: someone can mistakenly clunk a weight or grunt unintentionally. As a result, the going off of the lunk alarm tends to embarrass the user in front of the whole gym. Also, a first time attending might be caught by surprise and think that what is lunk alarm?
  • Attire: Planet fitness also pinpoints the type of attire their users can wear in a gym. For example, wearing a tank top to the gym will result in setting off the lunk alarm as the dressing has the potential to intimidate.
  • Triggering factors: Lunk alarm is known to go off because of things as simple as a cell phone conversation, standing too close to a machine while waiting for a turn, or forgetting to wipe down the machine after use.

Does Lunk Alarm cause insecurity in people?

When complaints came to surface, people started questioning that what is the lunk alarm? Many fitness trainers have pointed out the fact that the use of lunk alarm could be considered as a practice of public shaming & can spark insecurity even in a physically fit person.

Open to abuse

The lunk alarm system is also said to be open to abuse. Anyone who doesn’t like you can accuse you of being a lunk and there is nothing that can be done against the claim. The conditions that come with lunk alarms are more often considered unrealistic and “wild” even among the people involved in the gym business.

There have been many legal claims against planet fitness by people who were in one way or other felt harmed by the lunk alarm system.

Why people still support the Lunk alarm planet fitness?

These entire arguments aside, there is still a vast majority of people who are regular plant fitness members and support the lunk alarm planet fitness. They claim that the lunk alarm creates a non-intimidating and judgment-free zone for people of all shapes and sizes.

It is also argued that the lunk alarm doesn’t go off straight away rather the gym employees confirm the source and cause of noise through a video cam & then set off the alarm if needed. Tolerance and acceptance are the two virtues planet fitness fans talk most about. They say that one should have the ability to control one’s self during the workout so that other people that are not as physically fit do not feel intimidated by them in any way.

Affordable & Commitment free

Another reason that Planet fitness is so popular is that it is the most affordable gym facility. They provide gym facilities at about 120 locations in the US. They also charge a very less amount of money for most of their basic fitness equipment. Since they have a commitment free facility, an occasional gym-goer tends to find their services more than adequate.


Lunk alarm planet fitness is both loved and hated by a large group of people. It has received criticism from not only the public but also the investors involved in gym business. None of this has stopped planet fitness from practicing the lunk alarm system in their facilities.

There are still some groups that support lunk alarm stating that it is necessary for good mental health for gym goers. Keeping this in mind, we can say that the lunk alarm system might be able to hold its popularity ground in the future.

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