What is Hanahaki Disease? – Is it Reality or a Myth?

Imagine having strong feelings for a person you love. Emotions where you feel love, joy or even butterflies in your stomach after seeing that desired person. You feel like getting attracted towards that person day by day. But what if you gets to know in the end that your love is one-sided?

This can make you suffer from a unique disease called Hanahaki Disease.

What Is Hanahaki Disease?

Let’s get to the most important query/question of all of us.

What is Hanahaki Disease? The word “Hanahaki” is originated from two words; “Hana” means flower and “Haki” means to throw something up.

It’s an infection disease which starts because of the one-sided love; in which the patient coughs up flower petals from his mouth when they suffer from the one-sided love & those flowers are named as Hanahaki Disease flowers. This disease can lasts up to several months & if not cured, it can cause the person’s lungs to be filled with the flowers and explode.

Hanahaki Disease; Reality Or A Myth?

Have you ever think about this that Is Hanahaki Disease real? & do such disease in real world exist? Has anyone in real life faced it? Well! The answer is NO! Hanahaki Disease is a fictional disease only created for the fictional & horror movies just like some other fictional diseases.

 In short, we can give this disease the name of Lovesickness disease as it’s caused by the one-sided love; when the second person don’t have feelings for that person & don’t love him. Loving a person but not getting loved from that person is the main cause.

This disease has grown out & is common in stories from the Eastern Asia side. People who are well-aware from Japanese & Chinese novels & books may know these.

The patient/victim gets effected in this disease because they failed to get returned attention from those whom they loved & feelings. The victim suffered from this by coughing out flower petals covered with nasty blood because the disease is situated in lungs & the flower growth gets increased day by day inside.

How It Can Be Cured?

The disease can be cured if the feelings for that person may get finished forever. The person can return away the feelings and the disease would stop affecting the person. That can be the first cure which is in hands of that person naturally.

Another cure for this is through surgery. Imaginary doctors in the movies & novels will remove the growing flower from the lungs. With this, all romantic love feeling for that particular desired person will also be finished.

Other Diseases Alike Hanahaki:

Hanahaki disease isn’t the only one fictional disease you all might have heard of, because the entertainment industry and fictional writers are always in mood of exploring & creating some unique things to inspire their audience.

So, here below are some fictional diseases alike hanahaki disease which nor exist in real life and never they will;

  • Inferno Disease:

In one of the Dan Brown’s novels, his one of the famous book; Inferno should help you to change your mind. Inferno was his latest mystery and spy fiction book. Here the writer has discussed about a titular virus, which according to the book, make its victims infertile and is waterborne.

  • Grey Scale disease:

Grey scale disease is also a work of fiction movies alike as Hanahaki disease. Greyscale, according to people behind this concept, is a rare skin disease. It makes the flesh harden of whoever it affects and causes sudden discoloration. The skin will looks like scales developed on it. It starts as a crack on the skin in certain areas and gradually spreads all over the body.

  • Mad snail disease:

The term Mad Snail was first used in the famous children’s cartoon program, SpongeBob where it was developed in a person after getting a bite from an infected snail. After getting bitten, the victim starts to develop bloodshot eyes, loss of balance, and untrimmed toenails.

  • Mad Zombie disease:

If you have ever watched the famous horror movies Zombie land, or Walking Dead so you would have seen humans portrayed as brain-eating monsters but there is nothing real about it as we all know.

This disease was created in these movies where the concept behind was that whenever a zombie will bite a healthy normal person, that infected will be also transformed in an individual.


Hope that now you would have got aware regarding what’s Hanahaki disease as well as about all the myths and reality behind this which all these media & novels had caused.

However, it will not be lie to say but all the concepts behind this is stunning & epic as they made the world believe a fiction thing real. But I know for a fact that such sickness may not exist or affect humans. The human system can’t grow flowers. So, it can’t happen.

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