How To Prevent Lung Cancer?

Cancer can strike any part of the body. It is caused when certain cancerous cells start to multiply uncontrollably. This then leads to the formation of a tumor. These cells take up the bulk of the resource, and the normal cells then do not get any to flourish.


When this happens in the lungs, it is referred to as lung cancer. The prognosis for any type of cancer is better when in the initial stages. However, not all types of cancer present symptoms that are distinct and apparent, and lung cancer is one of them.


Some symptoms of lung cancer that do present at the beginning include coughing especially when accompanied by blood, wheezing, weakness, sudden weight loss, pain in the chest, loss of appetite, frequent infections.


If you observe these signs, then it is imperative that you seek help from a doctor at Islamabad International Hospital to rule out cancer.


Lowering your risk of cancer

Considering what’s at stake, it is imperative that we all work toward lowering our risk of lung cancer. Here are some practical tips on how to:



Exercise is one way to decrease your risk of lung cancer. Since it improves the functionality and performance of lungs it helps in averting the risk of cancer. Exercise also helps with reducing the amount of toxins in the lungs, fighting inflammation, and improving the performance of the immune system, thereby lowering chances of lung cancer.


Limit alcohol

Alcohol consumption has also been linked to lung cancer, amongst other problems in the body. Hence, if you cannot quit altogether, then at least work on reducing the consumption of alcohol.


Occupational hazard

Many people have to suffer from risk of lung cancer due to exposure to chemicals during their work. However, it is imperative that you take steps to mitigate your risk. Wear proper masks when working around chemicals. Make sure that your workplace keeps safety standards in place.


If you are being forced to work under dangerous conditions, then leave the job if you can, or report to relevant authorities, as nothing is as precious as your health.


Quit smoking

Smoking is the chief cause for lung cancer and quitting it then has equally good impact on the lungs. Cigarettes are laden with toxins that when you breathe in, not only cause disease, but also can lead to cancer. Moreover, smoking also makes your lungs weaker, and thus vulnerable to disease.


Therefore, it is imperative that you decrease your risk of smoking. Nicotine gums, nicotine patches, therapy, hypnosis are some ways to help you in this endeavor.


Avoid being around secondhand smoke

If you are not smoking yourself, but are in the company of people who smoke, you then expose yourself to the risk of developing lung cancer. Many of the harmful substances and toxins are present in the cigarette smoke that comes from burning it and the one exhaled by the smoker.


When you breathe these in, you then introduce them around in your body. Hence, it is imperative that you stick to smoking-free zones. If people around you are smokers, then try to steer clear of them during smoking.


Take proper diet

Eating healthy diet is important to ensure health and lower your risk of cancer. In this regard, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is especially important. They can lower the risk of cancer by 5%.


Moreover, most fruits and vegetables are also good sources of antioxidants that protect the body against oxidative stress, thereby lowering the risk of cancer.



Screening is one of the most important ways to detect cancer. Earlier diagnosis is important to treat it fully.


If you have a history of lung cancer, or if you have a family history of the disease, have been smoking or had a job that increased exposure to toxins, then you must consult your Pulmonologist in Islamabad for screening tests.

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