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Analyzing and applying the best interior design combination is a little bit hard because the color combination you have selected can make or break the whole theme. When it comes to the décor of the living room’s interior then you have to take a lot of care about different things.

Today, we will discuss the various color of curtains that creates a fantastic combination with brown furniture. Because if your curtains and furniture theme didn’t match then it will never ever create a good interior décor.

Whenever you are going to select the color of the curtains for dark furniture you must consider getting the light-colored curtains. We will help you by giving the 23 stunning and fantastic colors that go great with the brown furniture.

23 Astonishing Color Of Curtains That create Great Combo With Brown Furniture

You will definitely love the color we are going to pair with the brown furniture. They will create such an amazing combo that will blow your mind. So, without wasting time, let’s look at these color combinations:

  • White Curtains

White always looks great with dark furniture and creates a stunning and aesthetic décor for your living room. The versatility of this neutral color is so amazing that it would easily be blended with any dark-colored furniture. Consider getting white curtains for your brown furniture if you want to add a modern and luxurious touch to your living room.

  • Light Blue Curtains

When the light blue, sky blue, or aqua color curtains are combined with dark brown furniture, they always give a bright and appealing look to your living room. This will help you to retain the warm texture of brown while adding the cool ambiance of light blue curtains.

  • Dark Green Curtains

If you want to give a natural ambiance to your living room then select the green curtain to complement the brown furnishing. The dark green curtains create warmth and perfect texture with the dark brown color.

  • Soft Pink Curtains

The soft pink curtains with dark brown furniture is also an amazing combination that will take your interior décor to the next level of modernity.

  • Patterned Gray Curtains

There is a wide range of patterned gray curtains that can be available in the market that you can easily select and blend with the brown furnishing of your living room.

  • Orange Curtains

Orange is also an amazing color that helps you to complement the brown furnishing in such a way that will blow your mind.

  • Teal Curtains

Hanging teal curtains to blend with the brown furniture of your living room is a great idea. It will create an elegant and appealing texture for anyone who takes a glimpse of it.

  • Navy Blue Curtains

Navy blue curtains also look best when matched with dark brown furniture. This combination also gives an aesthetic effect to your living room.

  • Sunny Yellow Curtains

Sunny yellow is considered as the striking color to combine with brown furniture. It also helps you in keeping the living room more brighter and appealing.

  • Black Curtains

The black curtains will create a trendy and appealing combination with dark brown furniture. They will give a warm and classy look to the interior of your living room.

  • Gray Curtains

There are a lot of gray shades that create a fantastic combo with the brown furnishing of your living room. Select the perfect shade that gives a soothing effect to your soul and creates an amazing decor for the interior.

  • Cream Curtains

The cream home curtains with the dark brown furnishing create an elegant combination to the interior decor of your living room. You can use these curtains for both light and dark brown furniture in your living room.

  • Mustard Curtains

Mustard curtains make your space more lively and when used with the brown color it breaks the record of elegancy.

  • Beige Curtains

Beige curtains always blend perfectly with brown furniture in your living room. It will give a harmonious feeling whenever you will look at it.

  • Red Curtains

If your living room furniture has a copper or rust-brown color then the red curtains will be the perfect option for you. This combination will give a vibrant and classy look to the interior.

  • Rich Gray Curtains

Gray is the most widely selected color for curtains to be matched with brown furniture. You can also try other shades of gray for creating great interior decor.

  • Sheer Brown Curtains

Matching the light brown curtains with brown furnishing is also the best option for you. When you combine it with the sheer curtains it gives a mind-blowing combo for your interior.

  • Black And White Check Curtains

The Black and white combination is always proved to be the best whether it is hung in a living room or any other place.

  • Mustard Yellow Curtains

If you want to create a nice and elegant pop of color then mustard yellow curtains would be the perfect choice for you.

  • Textured Neutrals Curtains

Textured curtains are always the best choice to match with the brown furniture of your living room. The neutral colors help to make your living room space look more neat and clean.

  • Metallic Silver Curtains

If you want to create a cool atmosphere in the house then you must select the metallic silver color and blend it with the brown interior.

  • Patterned Cream Curtains

Pattern curtains with vibrant brown furniture will make a great combination. There is a lot of variety will be available in the patterned cream curtains that you can easily blend with your furnishing color.

  • Velvet Burgundy Curtains

Burgundy curtains are popular for installing in a living room that has brown furnishing. These thick and luxurious curtains give an aromatic and aesthetic appeal to your living space.


These are the top 23 color combinations of curtains with dark brown furniture. I hope you like these colors of curtains and must apply them in your living room. If you have such an amazing combination of ideas then you can share them with us by posting a comment.

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