How to Buy Instagram Likes in 2022 (100% Real & Instant)

Growing your new Instagram account from zero can be a strenuous and frustrating process. You’re posting videos daily but you still aren’t receiving any likes and you’re not sure what to do next. An option to consider for quickly growing your account is to buy instant Instagram likes.

In this article we will discuss the importance of Instagram likes, how likes can help new Instagram users, and how to buy likes on Instagram through BuzzVoice.

What are the Benefits of Instagram Likes?

Likes on Instagram help your videos go viral. Thanks to the Instagram algorithm, the more likes your video has, the more your video will be shown to other users. As more people keep liking your video, Instagram will start showing that video to a wider audience. Eventually this compounds itself and your video has gone viral on Instagram.

It only takes one video to go viral and put your account in front of a large audience. Having one of your videos go viral is one of the best ways to naturally increase your following. Viral videos help you gain a large amount of followers fast.

After gaining this new following, it’s your job to continually post to keep your audience engaged. Your new followers will also start watching your older videos, which will help them gain more likes too. A viral video can be an overall boost for your account.

People want to watch videos that everyone else is watching. On some level, the fear of missing out is a factor. The majority of people want to appear like they’re “in the know.” People are more likely to watch videos that have a lot of likes.

You want your videos to receive as many likes as possible so other people want to watch them too. Likes create credibility in the minds of other users. When scrolling through Instagram trying to land on your next video to watch, you’re more likely to watch a video with 500 likes over one with 45 likes.

In addition to helping you go viral, likes can also help you increase the amount of followers you have. As you receive more and more likes, you’ll probably start receiving more and more followers. Some of the people that like your videos will like them enough to start following you. If you have a large amount of likes, a percentage of those likes will turn into followers. More likes usually equals more followers.

How Likes Can Help New Instagram Users

We’ve all been there. The initial frustration of trying to grow your new Instagram account can make you want to quit. This feeling of frustration is made even worse when your videos are receiving zero views. Creating content is a time-consuming effort. When you put in all of this effort but aren’t receiving any views, you might think about abandoning your goals for the platform. 

It’s always important to post consistently when you’re trying to grow your Instagram account, especially in the beginning. The more videos you create, the more chances you have of going viral.

Going Viral on Instagram

Buying likes on Instagram is quick and efficient. You’ll see results faster than if you were spending time networking in Facebook groups or using the BuzzVoice bot to slowly grow your account.

It instantly boosts your account’s stats, which should also increase your organic likes and followers. This technique is also completely one-sided, meaning you’ll save time by not having to like other people’s videos or follow them back.

Buy Instagram Likes on BuzzVoice

BuzzVoice offer a couple different services for purchasing likes. One is a Instagram bot for increasing likes, followers, and engagement.

The bot accomplishes this by accessing your account and liking or following other users in hopes that they will like and follow you back. The bot’s engagement gradually increases on your account so it looks organic and doesn’t raise alarm bells to Instagram.

The other service BuzzVoice offers is to simply buy Instagram likes. They’ve helped more than 5,000 clients so far by providing them actual likes from real users who post regularly, not from ghost accounts. Because this platform has been around for awhile, they’re able to provide high quality likes at competitive prices.


Instagram likes are important, especially for new users, because they boost your visibility and credibility on the platform. The more you like other people’s videos, the algorithm will push your content to other users. Instagram likes are also important when negotiating brand partnerships and advertisements.

Likes can help your videos reach their maximum potential. When you’re making the effort to create daily content, you want your videos to reach the widest audience possible. Purchasing likes is a great option for increasing the number of likes your videos receive, which will help you grow your new account.

One of the ways in 2022. Buy “Like” Instagram is “BuzzVoice“. They offer lump sum and monthly purchase options in amounts of 100, 500 or 2500. All these positive reviews come from real users who are actively participating in the platform.

They do not use ghost accounts. You choose when you want the ratings to go up and which videos to include. As a result, the platform believes it’s a natural stream to interact naturally, which can encourage your video to spread.


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