How attorneys can increase the number of clients using Web design and development solutions?

We have been asked this question by our audience members and decided to interview a company that has extensive experience in Web Design and Web Dev solutions for attorneys and lawyers. Aleph Website is a NY-based agency and has 10+ years of experience working with local and international law firms.

Here’s what the outcome of this interview was and your questions answered:

How can attorneys and lawyers increase the number of leads/prospects?

Using landing pages, law firms are able to target their potential customers on social media and organically via Google and other browsers.

Aleph Website provides 7 powerful tips for landing page conversions, as well as an extensive article covering how to create a compelling landing page

Using these resources you should be able to increase the number of leads in your top funnels.

What are some good plugins and tools that attorneys should use to create the best web pages?

WordPress is our #1 recommendation for the content management system (CMS). We also advise using WordPress plugins for lawyers and attorneys. Prime examples are:

  • SEO Yoast
  • WP Forms
  • WordFence 
  • Optimole, and more.

Aleph Website discusses 4 law wordpress plugins that your website must have so you can get more information and learn more about these little useful tools.

If I need a new website, where should I look for the best agencies that build law websites?

Great question. It is always difficult to find reliable web designers; especially for industries such as real estate, law, and construction. In these industries, IT is not as evolved and there are many companies posing as digital experts but for the most they’re clueless.

We do however outline a few companies that deliver excellent solutions for law firms:

  1. Paper Street
  2. Zola Creative
  3. Aleph Website

You can learn more about the best solutions for lawyer and attorney website design with Aleph Website Solutions.

If you are curious about pricing, you should read more about How Much are attorney websites.

What are some examples of the best lawyer and attorney websites?

We have identified the top 10 attorney website in 2021, and a few of them are:

  • Marrone Law Firm
  • Axiom Law
  • Y Law
  • Taylor Janis LLP

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