Moving companies you might need when moving to South Korea

When moving from one place to another, it’s easy to bring yourself and a couple of luggage with you, but what about the bigger things you have?

You might be needing boxes for your furniture, appliances, and small home items. Once you arrive in South Korea, how are you going to transport all of these things to your new home? In most cases, a taxi might not be enough.

Ziptoss is a Korean real estate company that provides proper housing options for foreigners to choose from without having the stress of house hunting and negotiating, Ziptoss also gives tips and information on everything about South Korea(such as best cafes and restaurants, guides on how rentals in Korea work, etc).

So in this article, we’ll be discussing some moving companies you might need when you’re in the process of transporting your personal belongings to your new home.

Moving companies in South Korea

There are many moving companies in Korea. You can find a moving help center on Naver, ask local friends, or your landlord. Each company’s packaging and charging standards are different, and there may be a difference of 100,000 to 200,000 won, so you should directly contact several companies first for price comparison, and then choose the company with the right price.

Advise the contact company on what you need and what they should be expecting(such as whether to use the ladder truck, including the amount of luggage, floor, location, size of the house, whether there is an elevator, and if it includes lunch), and ask the other party if they agree to your proposal so they can make a proper quotation. Some companies even come to see the actual situation and make estimates.

If you are moving into an apartment, you may need to discuss with the apartment property in advance whether pre-registration is required. If you don’t need packing or cleaning, you can use a car or use a single bathroom.

Moving companies in South Korea

However, Korean Moving Company provides a special service called “Packing and Moving(pojang-isa)”. When you arrive at your new home, they take out your things from boxes, arrange them in the original order, and organize them. The cleaners also clean the old and new houses. Of course, the price of this service will be higher.

Kakao T

Moving by taxi? Yes, it’s possible with Kakao T. If you don’t have much luggage and only a few suitcases and small boxes, you can call a taxi on the Kakao T app. If your old home is far from your new home, it might not be easy to call a regular taxi, and some drivers may refuse to take you, so it’s better to book a taxi on the Kakao T app, but be careful not to scratch the body or seat of the taxi when loading and unloading your luggage.


GoGoX is a mobile app that can make appointments for moving trucks. Now you can make an appointment for delivery and see the estimated price based on the distance, weight, floor, and items to be transported. Prices may vary on the vehicle and the amount of luggage.

There are 4 types of vehicles to choose from(Motorcycle, Van, Small truck, and Large truck), prices range from an estimate of 8,000 to 80,000 Won, depending on how much things need to be carried and brought to your new home.


Zimssa is a moving company with a mobile app specifically for those who own one-room apartments. After downloading the app and signing in, follow the instructions, enter the moving information(how much furniture, home appliances, number of boxes, and special information), moving location, and date. The app will automatically quote you an estimate of the moving process, once the moving process is done, you can directly give the payment to the driver. 

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