Things to Do Before Handing Over Your Cell to Phone Repair Shop

Our lives revolve around cellphones, and it has become an essential part of our everyday life. And, when we say essential, it means they carry all your personal information; emails, passwords, messages, financial records, and whatnot.

With all that data at your fingertips, it can also get into the wrong hand very quickly. Now, let’s say your mobile phone fell or got some damages, you would want to get it to a phone repair shop, right? But, before you hand it over to a technician, there are some things you need to do so your personal information is not jeopardized. 

Create Backup Before Going to a Phone Repair Shop

Sounds obvious, right? But, you’ll be amazed to know how many people forget to perform this step. There are indeed many things that you want to keep on your phone, like old pictures, texts, or essential documents.

Luckily, many iPhone and Android devices have the feature of automatically creating a backup. However, just to be safe, make sure to check it once. We’ll recommend doing a full backup- it is a very long process, but it will ensure that all your data is safe.

Remove SIM Cards and Security Locks

It may seem strange; however, there is a chance your SIM falls into the wrong hands, then it can be misused. So, every time you give your device to a cellphone repair shop, make sure you do this step first. Also, by doing so, you can use your SIM card on some other phone. This way, you won’t miss any important calls or messages. 

More so, if you have any security lock on the mobile, disable it from the settings before sending it for repair. It will allow the technicians to test your phone to ensure all the issues are fixed.

Take Off Accessories Before Giving Device to Computer and Phone Repair Shop

We all like to accessorize our phones to personal likings. Whether it’s a pop socket, phone case, or any other decorative item, take them off before handing your phone over. It will eliminate the chances of accessories getting lost and make it easier for technicians to repair the issues. 

Write down Your IMEI

To avoid the risk of a misplaced device, it is wiser to remember your IMEI number. The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique serial number that every mobile device has. So, at any point, if your phone has been mixed up with someone else’s with the same model and color, you can differentiate it with this 15-digit number.

Go to a Reputable Technician 

After you have performed all the precautions, it is time to hand over your phone to a technician safely. Now, one important thing to ask at this point is: are you giving your phone in the hands of reputable technicians? Because good and certified professionals like Techy Company fully understand the safety precautions and know how to handle difficult situations.

It is very common for gadgets to get some faults and damages over time. But you have to be careful while sending them to phone repair shops, so all your data is protected. Simply follow all the things mentioned above, and you can reduce the risk of any data mishandling.

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