Four Signs the Plumber Might Not be Right for You

We occasionally need plumbers whether we like it or not. Since we have to live in a house and houses have plumbing, there will be problems that need to be resolved immediately and only a professional can do that. However, every industry has professionals that are not very good with work ethics. They are mostly focused on earning maximum money no matter how they get it. This is why you should find and hire a plumber the first time, or you will need to look for a better one again. Here I have shared a few signs that you might not be hiring the right plumber. 

Don’t Follow the Time

If they have given you a time and don’t follow it, you should not call them again. They might set a time to discuss the problem or visit your house for a plumbing inspection. If they don’t follow the time, they are not professional. It’s the habit of unprofessional people to get back on their words and not follow their commitment. 

They should give you time after seeing their schedule. If they don’t have a schedule, this tells a lot about how they work. Furthermore, they should be able to calculate the time each of their projects will take. If they say some work took more time, they could do the same for your project and charge you more. 

Don’t Explain the Problem

Good professionals work to solve your problem. This is why they will thoroughly discuss the problem and explain it as well as they can. They won’t try to hide anything. However, some professionals will try to hide the facts so they exploit them later. 

If they say they can’t really tell the problem, there is a chance they are going to identify a bigger problem that will cost a lot more than you expected. Whether that problem was there in the first place or not, you will never know. Make sure you take the time to understand the problem before you get someone to start working on the problem. 

Don’t Have Good Reviews

Professional plumbers have an online presence. You will see that they have a website and a lot of positive reviews from their previous customers. If they have bad reviews, you would know that they have a problem. One or two bad reviews among dozens are understandable, but the majority of negative reviews are a red flag. If they don’t have an online presence, they are too outdated. Every professional needs to use the internet to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies. 

Don’t Have the Permits

Plumbers are required to get a license from the government before they can start offering their services. You allow them to enter your house and deal with things that are linked to the structure of your house. You could end up wasting thousands of dollars because of their one little mistake. This is why they must be qualified professionals with a license to prove their skills. It would be even better if they have insurance to pay for the damage they might cause. 

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