How to Fix ‘Gmail Can’t Attach Files’ Error

This blog is all about knowing how to fix Gmail attachments, not working issues that the users are facing nowadays. And since, this is an issue that is faced by many users we did the proper research and then prepared this blog for you where you will get all the answers to your questions and also solutions for this issue. 

Ways to Fix Gmail Can’t Attach Files Issue – 

1. Some Troubleshooting Ways 

Before moving to any other solution the users can use some of the troubleshooting ways for fixing Gmail won’t allow attachments

  • Try to restart your device and then restart it again so the minor glitches you were facing could be fixed. 
  • Try to check the internet connection you are using as only a stable network will allow you to attach files; and if the network is not stable then you need to shift to a new one that would work better. 

2. Checking the size limit of the attachment 

We all know that Gmail has set a size limit to attach the files in Gmail; and if by any chance your attachment is exceeding the size limit then you will not be able to attach it. So; you are supposed to check if the attachment or the attachments you are trying to attach are under the limit of 25 MB or not; and if they are more than 25 MB then Google Drive will create a link for the same. 

If you do not want to face the issue of can’t attach files in Gmail then you need to check the size limits of the attachments.

3. Updating or changing the browser 

If you are wondering why I cannot attach files in Gmail then one of the possible reasons for the same could be the browser that you are using. Either the browser you are using is not supporting Gmail or the browser is not up to date and hence it is causing issues for you. 

To fix this the users either have to change the browser they are using or they need to look for the updates of the browser; so that they can install the recent update and keep their browser updated to the latest version. 

4. Disabling the web browser proxy 

  • Click on the search button of the windows 10 taskbar ad they need to search for internet options. 
  • In this step, the users need to select the properties of the internet and then click on the connections tab. 
  • Now, the users need to hit on the LN settings button to fix can’t to attach the file in Gmail and then look for a proxy browser for the LAN settings. 
  • Make sure to uncheck the box next to it and then finally hit the Ok button to finish the procedure. 

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