Elden Ring: Stillwater Cave Optional Dungeon Guide (Winger Sword Insignia)

The following is a walkthrough of how to make progress through the Stillwater Cave in Elden Ring, leading up to the boss fight against the Cleanrot Knight.

The region known as Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring is a murky swamp that is crawling with hostile foes. On the other hand, there are many fascinating nooks and crannies that can be discovered there. Stillwater Cave is a relatively early dungeon that can be found within the lake itself. It can be found in the cliffside at the lake’s most southern point. It can be challenging to navigate safely through this area, much like the rest of the region as a whole.

Dungeon GuideThe floor of the cavern is covered in poison, so the only way to reach the boss room without getting sick is to use some platforms. The battle against the boss itself is a challenging one, as cheap Elden Ring items requires you to avoid high-damage grabs and area-of-effect attacks while also avoiding a lake of poison that is in the arena. In exchange for your services, you will be given 3,300 runes as well as the Insignia of the Winged Sword.

Two spirit jellyfish are placed at the mouth of the cave to serve as a marker. Keep running until you get past them and reach the place of grace within, and then proceed further into a large open cave. This grotto is comprised of two distinct levels. The lower level is infested with enormous miranda sprouts and is flooded with poison, which will slowly build up on you as you walk in it. The poison will slowly build up on you as you walk in it. The upper level is filled with servants of rot, who will cast poison spells at you from a distance as you advance through the level. It is recommended that you remain on the upper level whenever Elden Ring gold for sale is possible to do so.

After retrieving the Golden Rune number 3 from the dead body lying here, continue along the ledge to the right and go around the poison lake. Be wary of the enormous bat that is rumored to be hiding in a crevice along the path. Continue to move along the ledge in the direction of the servants of rot, who will start shooting poison bolts at you as you get closer. Get closer to them as quickly as you can and eliminate them as quickly as you can to avoid taking too much damage. Below you will find two additional enormous miranda sprouts that are surrounded by even more servants of decay. When you reach the next gap, jump over it to reach a ledge with two more servants of rot. Proceed to the east in order to reach a tunnel.

  • You will come to a cavern that contains a dead body at its center and is surrounded on all sides by poison
  • A winged dame can be seen hiding in the darkness to the east of the corpse, and two enormous bats are dangling above it
  • To prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed, you should try to lure them out one by one
  • The Sage’s Hood, Robe, and Trousers are all worn by the decomposing body itself
  • Two more dead bodies can be found on the eastern side of the room, each of which is covered in fifteen serpent arrows and a Golden Rune 5


Leave this room and continue heading south while keeping as close to the wall as possible. A little further ahead, you will come across another dead body that has an item on it. As you move forward, you will come under attack from an additional three enormous bats and a servant of rot that are hiding in the area surrounding this dead body. Kill them, and then take the Glowstone that is on one of their bodies. After you have traversed the chasm to the west and approached the second servant of rot, continue moving eastward down the slope.

Follow the path that leads north through the poison lake if you want to clean out the lower level of the cave. Be sure to rest at any rocks that are elevated above the poison to give your body a chance to recover from the ordeal. The only reward for completing the lower tier is a Golden Rune 6 that is imbued on the player’s body by a pair of giant miranda sprouts.

Continue heading east until you reach a tunnel that has a poisoned floor and houses two servants of rot. Continue on into a large room that has a wooden walkway that crosses another poison floor and five more servants of rot that are crouching down. This room also has a door that leads to another chamber. At the conclusion of this area, descend downwards toward the door leading to the boss. After obtaining the two Poison Greases that are resting on this corpse, proceed through the mist.


Battle with the Cleanrot Knight’s Boss


The Cleanrot Knight is a challenging boss in its own right, thanks to its lightning-fast and punishing attacks, vexing area spells, and a grab that deals significant damage. In addition to these, the arena in which you will have to fight her is perilous in and of itself. Because the ground is saturated with poison, your exposure to the toxin will gradually increase as you walk or stand on it. Even if you are not standing on it, rolling around in this poison will cause cheap PC Elden Ring Runes to accumulate more quickly than if you were. In addition to this status effect, the Cleanrot Knight’s attacks will cause you to become infected with scarlet rot, which will cause your health to degrade over time and make it more difficult for you to stay alive.

In this fight, neutralizing boluses, which prevent the buildup of poison and cure it when it does occur, are of particular use. You can get them and the recipe for making them from the Nomadic Merchant in Limgrave, who is located close to the Coastal Cave. An additional useful incantation is one called “Flame Cleanse Me,” which will eradicate any buildup of poison as well as scarlet rot. It can be found in the camp in Liurnia that is located close to the Church of Vows.

When using melee builds, it is important to make sure that you are always fighting on solid ground, away from the poison pool, and that you are cautious about where you roll. Keep in mind that you should dodge the Knight’s sweeping attacks into you, while also dodging away from his thrusting attacks by moving laterally.

Even though the boss arena is quite large and provides plenty of space to keep a safe distance from the Cleanrot Knight, ranged users may have difficulty maneuvering on the poisoned floor. Maintain a diversion by calling upon summons that can withstand a few hits, such as the Godrick Soldier Ashes or any other ashes that carry shields. This will keep the Knight preoccupied. When you are forced to take a step back, immediately head to an area that is secure and free of poison before continuing your assault.

Following the completion of the boss fight, you will be awarded the Winged Sword Insignia, which has the ability to increase the damage done by subsequent attacks.


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