5 Reasons to Create Routines When Newly Sober


Staying sober isn’t easy, especially when you’re newly sober. Most people relapse shortly after they become sober. Creating a routine prevents that from happening.

Creating a routine can be life changing. It also isn’t as difficult as you might think. Routines don’t have to be complicated.

There are many reasons why routines are good for you, especially if you’re newly sober. Here are just five of them.

Routines Help

The main reason is that routines work.

Creating a routine when newly sober isn’t a guarantee that you’ll stay sober.

However, there is a correlation between routine creation and success stories. Routines can’t hurt you as long as they’re good. There’s no risk involved in creating a good routine.

So, why shouldn’t you give routines a try?

Routines might sound ridiculous or childish, but that’s not the case. Routines require discipline and self-knowledge.

Keeping up with a routine isn’t easy.

Routines are something to be proud of. They give you another thing to check off of your list.

When newly sober, your main priority should be staying sober. Since routines have been proven to help that, they should be one of your priorities.

Create whatever kind of routine works for you.

Professionals Advise It

Every professional addiction counselor recommends routines.

Routines will probably be one of the first things they recommend to you.

If you visit a rehab center, you’ll discover that they are centered around routine. Here is a good resource for those looking for a rehab facility.

You should seek professional help.

You are more likely to stay sober if you have a pro helping you.

Your family and friends should be your main support system. This isn’t always easy on your loved ones. Or maybe you can’t rely on your friends and family.

Professionals are there to help you. It’s literally their job.

Seeking professional help is a sign of strength. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step in overcoming your problem.

A therapist or addiction counselor will help you find a routine that’s right for you. Routines look different for everyone. Everyone needs a different type of routine.

Professionals know what types of routines work.

They Provide Stability

One of the main reasons people relapse is stress.

When things get out of control, drugs and alcohol seem like an easy out.

If you don’t have a routine in place, you won’t have anything else to fall back on. A routine provides stability and predictability.

Some routines are more structured than others. Some people find they need to plan every hour of their day. Others prefer a more relaxed routine.

The important thing is to create a stable routine.

It’s important your routine has room for flexibility. Routines can get disrupted.

You need a backup plan for when this happens.

Think about situations that make you more likely to drink. Remove these from your life. Come up with another activity you can do when this happens.

You’ll find routine stabilizes your life in other ways, too. You’ll become more productive.

Routines lead to fulfilling and happier lifestyles.

Routines are Healthy

It’s been proven that people with routines are healthier.

It provides your body with stability. Routines usually involve diet changes or exercise. Those are some of the healthiest routines you can create.

Here is a list of some exercises that you can do everyday.

Incorporate healthy choices into your routine. This means cutting out alcohol and drugs. It usually means cutting out other unhealthy foods.

Everyone has a few bad habits. Most of them don’t involve drugs and alcohol. Identify what these are.

Replace these bad habits with a good one.

Or put a routine in place that prevents you from falling back into bad habits.

Creating a routine could change your life even if you aren’t newly sober. You don’t need to make big changes.

Everything starts with just a single step.

Ritual Creates Meaning

Routine is a type of ritual.

There is a reason why most holidays and religious festivals revolve around ritual. It provides meaning.

Rituals connect us with other people.

They also form a bridge between the past and present.

Once you’ve done something more than once, it becomes a tradition. Traditions are somewhat mysterious. No one knows why we like them, but we do.

If you’re newly sober, comfort is something you need a lot of.

Ritual provides a lot of comforts.


There’s really no reason not to form routines. These are just some of the reasons why you should incorporate routine into your lifestyle.

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