Cleaning Outdoor Cushion Covers – The Detailed Guide

There’s no feeling better than heading for your patio or garden as soon as the sun shines. These outdoor spaces are even more special during the nights. Homeowners can easily host private get-togethers with friends and family in their secluded backyards. Just install some outdoor furniture, get some clean outdoor cushions, and enjoy your backyard.

The COVID19 pandemic has seriously accelerated the importance of private outdoor spaces. More people are buying outdoor furniture items than ever before. If you, too, are buying outdoor cushions to make our backyards even more comfortable – remember, these cushions get very dirty. That’s why smart homeowners use high-quality cushion covers.

These covers protect the soft cushions from sunlight damage, moisture damage, dust, and pest infestations. An uncovered outdoor cushion can easily become the breeding ground for pests, mold, mildew, pet hair, and other undesirable elements. Protective covers ensure that your outdoor cushions are safe and ready to be used whenever you want.

But, what happens when the covers themselves get dirty. We sit, nap, hug, and drop our outdoor cushions all the time. It’s easy for the covers on your outdoor cushions to pick up all types of dirt and germs. Thankfully, getting rid of these germs and pollutants from your covers is equally easy. Here’s the detailed guide.

Send the Covers to the Washing Machine 

The latest removable covers for outdoor cushions are all washing machine-friendly. Users can drop them in their washing machines and clean them every time they get visibly dirty. Here’s how users should be cleaning an outdoor cushion cover –

  • Remove the cover. Check the label for any instructions on the temperature, fabrics, etc.
  • Shake off all the dust and debris stuck on the surfaces and the corners of the covers.
  • Toss the covers into the washing machine and run a gentle cycle. Use a mild laundry detergent.
  • Dry them and take them out.

High-quality covers are extremely durable. They can go through hundreds of wash cycles without picking up tears or wrinkles. If the covers are extra grimy (e.g., due to mud exposure), you’ll have to pre-treat them first. Use baking soda and hot water to create a basic cleaning paste. Apply it to the covers before sending them to the washer.

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Protect the Covers from Serious Damage

In addition to washing your cushion covers every month (or every few weeks), you also have to protect them. You can easily prevent dirt buildup, harsh stains, and other risks by taking these simple precautionary steps –

  • Remove dust any time you use the cushions. These outdoor covers are always at the forefront of the dust and debris that the winds bring. Brush off the covers at every chance you get, even if the dust buildup isn’t visible.
  • Never store the covers before cleaning them. Storing dirty covers in tight spaces only makes them dirtier.
  • Remove harsh stains or spills as soon as you see them. Soak the oil up and wash the stained areas clean as quickly as possible.

Use these steps to keep your cushions and their covers clean and fresh at all times.

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