Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad, a low-cost housing development will change perceptions of low-class accommodation in Pakistan. People who are looking to invest in real property with a small budget have once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. It’s an affordable investment that will offer the best modern facilities and comfort for its future residents. It is an ideal project, with all the top facilities readily available. Are you still unsure why Blue World City Islamabad is a good investment? Check out this list to help you make an informed decision.

Blue World City 3 Marla Villas – New Deal

Blue World City also offers 3 marla villa homes for sale. It is easy and affordable to make installments. The villas come with a 5-year installment plan.

Convenient, Affordable, and Affordable Society

Blue World City Islamabad will be comparing its projects with those in the twin cities of “Park View City” or “Taj Residencia”, which are more affordable and offer a convenient alternative. There are many investment options available, including residential, commercial, and villa plots. It is a high-quality housing society that provides the best amenities for low-income people who want to share a luxurious lifestyle with their families.

Affordable Prices and Easy Installment Plans

Blue World City offers an easy installment plan that can be paid in three years or four years, just like other housing societies in the area. These payment plans are offered to help investors, especially those who are middle-class. Blue World City is a great place to save your money.

Blue World City General Block

This is the Blue World City General Block Payment Plan. This page contains all details about how to pay the downpayment as well as all installments.

Blue World City offers you another opportunity to make a great investment after achieving success in many other blocks. Blue World City Waterfront Block is being launched by its developers. It’s an extraordinary development that faces the water and has lakes in its surroundings. The beauty is breathtaking, as the name suggests. This block will be a dream home with lush greenery and a clean and tidy environment.

Blue World City Waterfront Block is a true representation of style, comfort, and luxury. This block is updated with all the modern amenities. It is ready to attract the investment of investors.

Blue World City Waterfront Block plots and Payment Plan

This block will soon offer the opportunity to purchase residential plots:

  • 6 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 18 Marla

Soon, more sizes and plots will be available

Prices for plots:

6 Marla Plots

The total cost is 17.50 Lacs. Bookings start at 1.75 Lacs. 87,500 will be due upon confirmation. It also has 40 monthly installments and 8 half-yearly installments. The total length of the payment plan is therefore 4 years.

12 Marla plots

The plot’s total cost is 31.50 Lacs. Bookings start at 3.15 Lacs. The confirmation amount of the plot is 157.500. There are also 40 monthly installments totaling 31,500. Also, 8 half-yearly installments.

18 Marla plots

These plots cost 42 lacs. Only 2.10 lacs are required to book these plots. These plots come with a 4 year payment plan and 8 semi-annual installments.

Waterfront Block

It is a new block that will have plots facing the lakes. It is still not known where this block will be located. However, the announcement and planning of Blue World City Waterfront Block show that it will be in an incredible location.

Property Naama Consultants can help investors book their plots in this amazing new block in Blue World City. We have authorized Blue World City Islamabad dealers, and offer professional services.

Provision of Modern Day Facilities

Blue World City is designed beautifully and has all modern housing amenities. It offers more than basic necessities like clean water, electricity and gas. This mega-housing community also offers parks, shopping centers, leisure clubs, and cinemas. Blue World City will give you the opportunity to live a peaceful and modern lifestyle.

Friendly Environment Project With Peaceful Atmosphere

Society allows you to live a carefree lifestyle close to nature and greenery. The project includes a variety of parks that will make the surroundings green and fresh.

It is an environment-friendly society that will allow you to raise your family in a healthy and natural environment. It’s a quiet place far from the noise and pollution of the city.

Best Commercial Facilities & Opportunities

Blue World City Islamabad, a sensitive housing society with endless commercial opportunities, is an ideal location. The project includes shopping malls, high rise buildings, as well as the best entertainment clubs. These commercial properties provide enough jobs for society.

Maximum Return With Minimum Investment

All properties are available at the lowest prices in Blue World City Islamabad. Blue Group of Companies has made it a popular choice to invest in society. The prices currently are reasonable and affordable, but they will rise once the project is officially launched. Blue World City Islamabad is the best option to maximize your investment.

Blue World City Water front Block looks like a bright star in the night. It is a new addition to Blue World City Islamabad. BWC has had great success with a variety of blocks and now offers incredible investment opportunities by launching a delicate block that is luxurious, affordable, and high-class. Waterfront Block is being developed in the most desirable location of this society. This will bring new residential and investment opportunities to Islamabad.

Plots for Sale in Waterfront Block

This block features all the top-of-the-line facilities and offers great investment opportunities. Waterfront Block plots are available in the following sizes and can be purchased as residential:

6 Marla Residential Lots

12 Marla Residential Lots

18 Marla Residential Lots

These plots are affordable and reasonable in price in Blue World City Islamabad. This block offers investors a safe and lucrative investment opportunity.

Blue World City Waterfront Block

This block is great for many reasons. Its prime location is what makes it the best. It is a block with water views and stunning lakes, as the name suggests. This block is located directly in front of Phase 6 and 5 of the BWC Outseas Block. Furthermore, it is conveniently located on Main Chakri Road close to Chakri Interchange. This society can be accessed directly from Lahore Islamabad Motorway M-2.

Blue World City Waterfront Block payment Plan

All residential plots in Waterfront Block, Blue World City Islamabad come with a 4 year payment plan. Only 1.75 lacs are required to book plots. The remaining amount of the plot must be paid in 40 monthly installments. Here is the full payment schedule for the plots.

Plot Size Registering Cost Deposit Payment Confirmation amount 40 Monthly Payments 8 Half-yearly Installments
6 Marla 1,750,000 175,000 87,500 17,500 98,438
12 Marla 3,150,000 315,000 157,500 31,500 177,188
18 Marla 4,200,000 420,000 210,000 42,000 236,250

Features You Will Like

The Walk

Water Belts

Dancing Fountain

Outdoor Cinema

Gated Community

Water Sports Club

Waterfront Residential Place

Floating Restaurant

Waterside Food Street

Beautiful Parks

The best security system

Well-Planned Society

Tracks for Jogging and Gym

Uninterrupted Electricity Supply

Proper drainage and waste disposal system

Why to Invest in Blue World City Waterfront Block?

These are some of the top reasons:

Reasonable Rates

Luxurious Waterfront Community

Flexible Payment Plan

Modern Features and a Perfect Location

High Return on Investment

You will get the best returns no matter what your reason for investing.

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