Best Winter Treks In Bangalore


City life can be a lot of things at once. Most of the time it’s luxurious , sophisticated and enjoyable but at times it gets too much. It leads to so much stress and confusion , that’s exactly when you need a getaway to a beautiful lush place. These winter treks as the name suggests are done during winter and can give you time to relish the best of nature’s creation.  Staying in Bangalore has innumerable experiences and perks including the opportunity to go to a ton of winter treks. 

Kumara Parvatha Trek – 

Also known as Pushpagiri , this is not for the weak hearted. This trek really tests the physical and mental endurance of a person. The starting point is from the famous Kukke Subramanya temple and from there on the trek commences. It is the fourth highest peak in Karnataka and stands at an elevation of 1,172 meters. However when you reach the top after walking across different pathways for 2 days , everything will seem worthwhile. It is the highest peak in Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Nandi Hills – 

Known as one of Tipu Sultan’s favorite places and at an elevation of 1478 meters this is the most common destination in Bangalore. You can go via car too , there is a proper pathway built for that. However, if you want to go trekking , you’ll have to ascend 1200 stages. The trek is the best for someone new into trekking. It is almost 60 kms away from the main city of Bangalore and many people come by daily to watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset views from here. Some famous activities to do here include paragliding , cycling and shopping in nearby stalls. There is also accommodation to avail and also some restaurants which serve delicious food.

However you’ll need to take permission by booking tickets via a partner or through the official website. The tickets cost around INR 70. 

Ramnagara Trek –

Almost 50 kms away from Bangalore’s bustling city , is where the nationwide hit movie Sholay was shot and was considered as a silk house back in the day. The views here will mesmerize you and take you away to a land unknown. Known for rock climbing and trekking this attracts so many tourists. If you’re one of those bird watching enthusiasts , well this could be the perfect spot. It also houses the Pattabhi Rama Sanctuary. It is advisable to trek in this area if you have a good amount of practice and expertise. Do try camping overnight in this area. Nothing beats the feeling of a breezy night stargazing , talking to your friends and making some lifetime memories. There are many small stalls to buy your favorite things and bring home souvenirs. Many people come here to fish in Kanva and Janapada. Wanna make it more adventurous? Pitch up a tent , start a fire , cook some fish and have fun!

Devarayanadurga – 

A beautiful land encompassing two both sanctuaries,i.e , Bhoga Narsimha at the bottom and Yoga Narsimha at the top. The best festival is arranged in between March and April, there is a cave celebration of Narasimha Swamy. It is almost 72 kms away from Bangalore main center and is of moderate level difficulty. There is a massive cave via the route and you can see huge intricately carved idols of Rama , Laxman and Sita. 

Anthargange Mountains – 

It is known for volcanic caverns , stones and hollyhocks. 70 kms away from Bangalore main city center , it is a simple trek. The journey is 3 km long with beautiful trails. Overnight camping is one thing that must be on your bucket list. You must also visit Someshwara temple. 

Skandagiri – 

This is every trekker’s favorite and the trek starts at Papagani temple. On the way , you have two other caves and it is totally a mesmerizing view. The level of difficulty is rated anywhere in between moderate to difficult. Some activities you can do at the campsite include bumper road rides , jet skiing , fishing , overnight stay camping and many more.

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