Amazing Benefits of Fiberglass Doors

There was a time when wood was the only option available for doors but not anymore! At present, doors come in a variety of materials and designs to help you create a perfect look. Your front entry door performs multiple functions- protects you from intruders and exterior elements, creates a great first impression, and boosts the curb appeal of your property. However, not all doors are capable of performing all these functions. Some doors look great but fail to protect while others can be sturdy but too expensive. As a smart homeowner, you need to find a door that provides a perfect balance of great appearance and reliable protection. If you admire the classic appearance of wood but don’t want a high-maintenance door, consider fiberglass doors.

Fiberglass doors are manufactured using compression-molded fiberglass. This type of door typically consists of a rigid insulation core, clad with a fiber-reinforced polymer. To give a fiberglass door a wood-like appearance, the door is covered with an artificial grain. It means that fiberglass can mimic the look and feel of real wood. So, if you admire the beauty of solid oak, pine, or mahogany door, a fiberglass entry door can help you achieve a similar appearance. Besides its wood-like appearance, fiberglass has many other attributes that make it a great material for doors. This type of door offers a range of benefits that wood or any other type of door can’t match. If you’re planning to install a new front door, here is why fiberglass can be a great choice.

Excellent Durability     

When investing in a front door, you should look for a product that can stand the test of time. Fiberglass is a durable material that isn’t prone to rust, rotting or warping. Unlike wood, fiberglass can withstand harsh temperatures, moisture, and other elements. These doors perform great without cracking or peeling. The high-quality fiberglass doors have frames and skin tightly sealed to prevent moisture penetration that could cause damage. These are lightweight doors that are easy to operate without sticking. They don’t warp, swell, or get jammed which makes them long-lasting.

Energy Efficiency

The front door of any home is the main entryway that protects you from exterior elements. You need to choose a door that blocks the outside elements when closed and helps you get a comfortable indoor environment.  The poorly insulated or damaged doors are a major source of energy loss in the home. But the best fiberglass doors are filled with insulating foam that minimizes air seepage and reduces energy costs. This type of door is designed to keep the heat out during the summer and prevent the entry of cold air inside during the winter. By keeping conditioned air inside the house, fiberglass doors can help you save money on heating and cooling costs.


A premium quality fiberglass door with solid construction and sturdy hardware can be more secure than a wooden one. The door can be designed with reinforced steel plates to prevent forced entry. This type of door not only keeps out natural elements like wind, rain, or snow but also prevents intruders. When the door is closed and locked, you don’t need to worry about potential break-ins.


Fiberglass is a versatile material that allows you to get an entry door in any design or color. You can find a nearly endless range of colors and finishes to create a perfect look for your home. You can also choose fiberglass doors that look almost identical to real wood. The variety of options and customization can help you create a personal statement. From traditional to modern, you can create any look you want. Besides excellent looks, fiberglass doors are also easy to maintain.

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