A Muslim wife paramount role in marriage


In Islam, women are provided with benefits and comfort; there is no reason to implement forcefully. So many society stereotypes talk about so many complicated things that Muslim women have to face, which is not true. They talk about how women in Islam are treated; they always try to see through and criticize the religion. If there were the fault at cultural differences or political differences, they would not discuss that but only point out the religion. In the true situation in Islam, in the Quran, the women always have the high standard, in the light of the Quran, the exact and paramount role of the wife in Islam is to be the equal partner of her husband; she should be a mentor and support system of her husband. It should also help out with household chores and serve the whole journey.

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In Islam, women are noted with high notes. The wife is charged with so many duties, according to the Quran, with taking care of her husband in all aspects, whether physical needs or emotional needs. She also has to takecare of her children, home, house problems, and everything else. She also has to work on the duty to fall all of her love to her husband and forgive him for all his small mistakes. She has to protect the respect of her spouse and protect her family with all the warmth and love.

Spiritual bonding 

In light of the Quran, the marriage partners are both responsible for all the problems and love in their lives. You can not blame any one of them in case of any problems. Wives can help out with giving excellent advice to their husbands while facing any problem. Similarly, the husband has to love and take care of her wife all the time. The Quran always emphasizes loving and praying for her children and husband and does not take any actions against them. This pays a lot to marriage to remain long and happy. Get the idea from Understanding the Quran Course.

Obeying husband in the marriage 

The Quran has been made it clear that Muslim wives have to obey their husbands. This does not mean that they are servants of their husbands or are bound in the first place. In Islam, it has been said that Muslim wives should ask permission from their husbands before doing anything, which can affect both lives.

Guard and comfort

In Islam, the relationship of Muslim wives and husbands is to guard them in case of any problems. They had to support them through thick and thin, and it is very important to a marriage that both husband and wife guard each other in all types of situations. Also, according to the Quran, it is written exactly that they have to comfort them with love and purity. If one of them is sick, another person must love her unconditionally and comfort them in all ways.

Guard her home

The women also have to guard her home, look after all the problems of her children, look at the situation of her home. This is the moral duty of a Muslim wife, which is the paramount importance in the marriage.


In final words, Islam does not force a person to be in a relationship and only sacrifices. The husband and wife relationship is purely based on love, care, respect, and trust in each other. If you don’t have all these things in your relationship, you can fail. The wife’s paramount role in marriage is to take care of her husband her children, look after her home, provide for her husband and love him unconditionally. The women in the marriage are the guardian of her home husband’s honor, and she has to look after everything which benefits her home.

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