6 Reasons Why You Need to Watch Avatar Cartoon Series

Avatar is an American animated Television series that aired in 2005 and ended in 2008 with 3 seasons and 61 exciting episodes. With an IMDb rating of 9.1, this series is sure to give you all the fun you need.

It takes place in a world where some people have the power to manipulate or bend one of the four elements namely Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. After every 100 years there comes a person who can control all fours of these elements and is responsible for bridging the gap between fighting nations and restoring lasting peace.

Here are a few reasons why we think you need to watch the Avatar cartoon series as soon as you get some free time

  • Great Character Development

Each character in this show gets proper screentime and you get to see their struggles and lessons that they learn from it. Aang the protagonist goes from being a goofy and playful air bender to a really inspiring and serious master of the four elements.

Soka who thinks he cannot compete with his team due to him being a non-bender ends up being the brains of the team and devises various strategies that serve them pretty well.

Similarly, Kitara and Toph get to be who they are meant to be i.e., strong and independent female masters in their respective clans. Thus, you get to see each character grow up and turn into such amazing people which makes the show so great.

  • Great Fight Sequences

This is another thing that Avatar does better than many other cartoons and even some anime shows. The fights from the very beginning seem intense and nerve-wracking.

There are cool characters each specializing in a certain art style inspired by Chinese martial arts. The fights involve the manipulation of four elements along with some hand-to-hand combat that you just cannot take your eyes off of. You can find this show on movierulz plz download.

  • Short Series

This is another great thing about Avatar. The episodes are of standard 20 minutes in length but their number is not so big. There are only three seasons and 61 episodes of this great show which means you can easily finish it in a week or two without wasting your precious time or ignoring any of your important tasks.

Despite having fewer episodes, the series still explores each character in detail while giving you sick action along the way and that is what makes this show a must-watch.

  • Not for a Certain Age Group

Unlike most cartoon or anime shows, Avatar does not only target kids or teens. People of all age groups can watch the show and have endless fun. There are emotions, humor, action, adventure, and carefully written dialogues in this show which make it a treat not only for teens but for adults as well.

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The lessons and messages on subjects like feminism and diversity make the show equally informative and exciting for both kids as well as older cartoon lovers.

  • Terrifying Villains

Every minor or major villain you see in the show is extremely ruthless and has a clearly defined objective. Characters like the ruler of the fire nation and his daughter Azula are terrifying in the true sense of the word.

These villains are cunning, manipulative, and sadistic not to mention the mastery they possess in bending and other combat techniques.

  • Comedic Side

This show presents you with both actions as well as appropriate humour. Characters like Aang and Soka with their goofiness and shenanigans give you so much to laugh about and balance the seriousness and tension of the show extremely well. The show is available for free on kisscartoon.

The comedic scenes are well-written and they fit the personalities of the characters which adds flavour to the show.

Final Thoughts

So, these are just a few reasons why we think you need to watch Avatar as soon as you get some time. The show has great dialogues, exciting build-ups to the battles, and a great deal of attention to diversity and moral lessons.

We are certain that you will love this show if you gave it a go. Both anime fans, as well as carton lovers, seem to love this show a lot and there is a very high chance that you will too.

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