Yayoins Review: Is Yayoins legit or Not?

Do you love to go shopping but don’t want to endure the daily hurdles we face when we go out to shop? Do you think that searching for your favourite products for hours is just a waste of time? Then the best option for you to shop is online.  

For the past few years, the experience of online shopping has tremendously grown. With the options of more secure payments and safe and guaranteed deliveries, people tend to do more and more online shopping.  

Whether it is a hair clip, a detergent from your favourite company or an airplane ticket, everything is available on the internet for you to buy. And the best part of online shopping, it arrives at your doorstep, without you ever stepping a foot out of the house.  

With the increasing demand in online marketplaces, it has become very hard to judge a site for its legitimacy. Many sites get reported on a daily basis for fraudulent products and services. Some sites and businesses are only there on the internet to pull up a scam and deceive people. 

To determine the legitimacy of an online service or website is very hard for those that know very little about online shopping. In this article, we are going to review ‘Yayoins’, which is an online clothing marketplace that deals in gents casual wear. The reason for Yayoins review is that this site is reported to be a potential scammer. 

Yayoins Online

Yayoins is an online platform to shop clothing essentials for boys and kids. Although they also deal in female clothing, the main focus of this site s on the clothing collection for males. Yayoins have a large variety of casual wear for boys that include hoodies, pyjama sets, sweatshirts, casual shirts, shorts, casual coats and accessories 

Opening this site, you may or may not point to things that seem a bit off and direct us to draw a red flag. Firstly, there is absolutely no information or any way to contact the service provider behind this online business.  

The products that are being displayed in the shop are using pictures from other fraudulent sites i.e., the site does not use original pictures of the products. The pictures on the site also sometimes feel fake and photoshopped. Any site dealing with the original product will use the picture of the product and will not go for the photoshopped version. That is why photoshopped pictures are another red flag for this site. 

Yayoins Review

Many sites working similarly as Yayoins have reported to be fraudulent and which is why we should conduct Yayoins review very deeply to know whether the site is legit or not. Because the main question will always be ‘Is Yayoins legit?’ 

Here are some pros and cons of this website that will help us to understand this site better: 

Pros of Yayoins: 

  • A unique and stylish collection of apparel is available on the website 
  • A wide range of variety in different sizes are available 
  • Delivery time is fairly fast and takes about 5-7 working days within the US 
  • Customer-friendly payment options are available 
  • They claim to have an active and responsive customer care department 
  • Email-id is available on the website to develop direct contact with the company 
  • They entertain a 30-day return policy 

Cons of Yayoins: 

  • This domain is fairly new and people tend to not trust sites that are a new domain 
  • Cash on delivery option is not available 
  • No contact information is present on the site 
  • No physical address and return address are mentioned on the site 
  • There are no links to connect this business on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram 
  • The contents and products on the site are not updated regularly 
  • The pictures used within the site is from the source of other fraudulent sites 
  • Original pictures of the products are not published on the site 

So far as this Yayoins review goes, it is almost obvious about the legitimacy of this site. The cons of this site are much more than the pros of this site. 


Shopping online from a relatively new site can be very risky and one must take precautions using these kinds of sites that raise a red flag. Ordering from this fairly new site Yayoins, you should first consider all the pros and cons of the site and only then make a decision for placing your order. 

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