Why is Writing Important in Children

Writing is to create something, feel something and express something through emotions of words. It is a mode of human communication involving language, linguistics, vocabulary, and proper structure. It is done either on a piece of paper or in printed form. Writing improves our creative thinking and skyrockets our hold on the language. It helps us communicate with clarity, be more productive, and gain awareness. Psychologically too, writing has many benefits like stress coping, proper focusing, maintaining a happy life. There are numerous merits of writing for a grown-up individual, as well as children and improving writing skills in children is equally important.

It is imperative to emphasize writing in children from early childhood to serve them in the distant future. Children are innocent beings and can inculcate anything in the most effortless manner without filtration. Their minds can develop a lot by learning through writing.

It allows parents and teachers to engage children with valuable and profitable tasks.



How does writing benefit children?

Children should get involved in writing from an early age to develop their mental framework in the same way. Writing from primitive age serves a lot of advantages, that are:


Strong Communicators: Writing helps children express themselves, say what they cannot say otherwise sometimes, and learn to use formal vocabulary from a young age. It makes them good communicators in later stages.


Boosts Confidence: Being able to express and be heard adds confidence in a child. It promotes the child to learn and write more and better.


Better Leaders: Strong communicators get better jobs, have better relationships, negotiate the world more confidently. They can think more rationally and make a difference in the world with their knowledge.


Rational Thinking: When children write frequently, they use their brains and think logically. Their thoughts become their persona, so by writing and using their energy positively, they are benefitting their future personalities. Studies have shown that such children become good problem solvers and deal with problems in a better way.


Brainstorming: Brainstorming is a form of clustering the thoughts and ideas in one place and using them accordingly. When one brainstorms, their neural muscle activity increases, which improves their mental health. Writing makes a person creative, and there are many ideas at once; that is called brainstorming. Thus, it is helpful for children.


Evokes Creativity: Writing is the epitome of creative thinking. All the great ideas that have ever been created were written before the execution. There are several ways by which one can experiment with their creativity through writing. Children can be the most creative beings when it comes to writing. They can write the text in a way no adult can imagine and think. Their level of creation is unmatched. When Such little beings are constantly polished with writing, they can create wonders. Such skills should be motivated and promoted.


Adventurous beings: No creative minds have ever been boring. They seek adventure and fun in every moment of life. Children are already fun beings. Imagine them being double of that.


Inculcate Discipline: Being fun doesn’t mean that one is out of discipline. In fact, writing has always shown a medium of adding value to children’s lives and making them more well-behaved.


Helps in Planning and Management: Children who write turn out to be good managers and planners in the future. They perform well in teamwork.


Improves Language and Literature: Writing and reading both amplify the hold on the respective language, which very essential for a child.


Learning: Last but the most crucial part of writing in children is learning and educating them and making them better beings of the world. One learns a lot from gaining knowledge and spreading it too.

Learning has no age, and so does writing. Children who start writing at an early age continue the habit in adulthood.


Therefore, we adults need to make children involve in writing as much as possible and enhance their writing skills by every means for a better tomorrow.


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